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In Development

These are scripts we are developing. Shooting won't begin until, at the earliest, sometime in 2014.

    Pretty much what the title says.

SPIES - Short Narrative. Two women sit on a park bench, exchanging secret messages.


In Pre-Production

ANDY DECKERON - Short Narrative A young man suffers a debilitating inability to decide. Schedule to shoot in the fall of 2012.

TIANA ROCKS - Feature Narrative. Tiana goes camping with her husband and discovers that the forest is filled with wild creatures.
       Scheduled to shoot in 2015.

JUNTURA - Feature Narrative. A young woman hides from her past, until her past finds her.
       Scheduled to shoot in 2015.

In Production

At the moment we have nothing in production, as Larry is busy the next several months directing stage plays.

In Post Production

At the moment we have nothing in post-production, as Larry is busy the next several months directing stage plays.

Wanna Play with Us?

Clam City is an independent movie making group headed by Larry Dennis. "Independent" is just another way of saying no one is making any money at this. In fact, for the most part, the movies are financed by whatever discretionary income Larry can scrape up.

If you'd like to volunteer your time, talent and/or services to our movies we'd be more than honored. We're always looking for actors, grips, and production assistants, as well as locations, props, costumes, and food to feed everyone during shoots.

If you or your business would like to be part of the fun send Larry an email at



Clam City is an independent video production company located in Boise, Idaho.

View our work on Vimeo.

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Horror 48, 2013 - An Invitation to the Farm.

For this year's annual Horror 48 Film Festival we were given 48 hours to write, shoot, and edit a horror short movie. The genre we were given was vampire, the prop was the back scratcher, line of dialogue we had to include "If love is a crime then I'm guilty as charged." The public location in which we had to include a scene was Winstead Park, Boise.

Thanks to Gooding Farms, Wilder, Idaho, for letting us use their facility for the night scenes.

Morgan (Kelsie Patterson) inside the facility.

View on Vimeo.

"Letter from A..."

Our Award Winning video "Letter From A...", with music by Hillfolk Noir. We won the 4th Annual 208 Music Video Show  1st place for the People's Choice Award. We want to thank the folks at the 208 for making this awesome event happen. Also, thanks to Travis Ward for being gracious enough to let us use his music. And thanks to everyone on the Clam City team!

Jessica Halverson, "Letter From A..."

View on Vimeo.


Baal Out

Our music video featuring music by Trevor Kamplain. The video premiered at the 4th Annual 208 Music Video Festival, September 2013. The video is currently submitted to several festivals around the west so we're not allowed to post it online. However, still photos are available on our Clam City facebook page.  Baal Out on Facebook

Jessica Halverson, in the music video
            "Baal Out"

i-48 2013, A Bump in the Road

The Clam City entry in i48 2013. Our genre was Silent Movie, character was Randall Willard, Manager, prop was a putty knife, and our line of dialogue was "It's just a bump in the road', The music for the video was "Dark Horizons", written and performed by Dan Costello.

Ben Lolley as the bump in the road.Ben Lolley as the bump in the road.

View onVimeo.

A President, Pacifist, An Autorestorer

A President,
                Pacifist, and Autorestorer

A music video based on the Finn Riggins song "A President, Pacifist, an Autorestorer".

View on Vimeo.

-- "The wind shook the leaves,
 like a child waving goodbye."

Official selection:

208 Music Video Festival, 2012.


                Publicity Photo

A short narrative featuring Leah Reynolds and Steve Martin.

-- One phone call and they were both 'unmaid'. --

Official Selection:
Idaho International Film Festival - 2009
Lakedance Film Festival - 2009

view Unmaid on Vimeo.

4 a.m.


A break-up song, where the guy feels he's being chewed alive by a wild animal - his ex. Featuring James Zimmerman and Jessica Halverson, with A.J. Green, Andrea Haskett, and Giovanna Hernandez. Music by Giraffe

View on Vimeo.

9:27a.m. MST

                Hallock and Katie Preston in the movie "927".

Short narrative featuring Katie Preston and Jared Hallock.

-- The complex relationship that Melissa and Grant have struggled with for years comes to a head at 9.27a.m. MST, the morning after Halloween.

view on vimeo.

The Mime and the Marrionette

The Mime and the

Short narrative featuring Lee Vander Boegh and Kami Carpentier, with Ian Taylor, Leah Schisow, Stephanie Hanchett and Cam and Sammi Hanchett.

-- The Mime and his girlfriend, the Marrionette, take a walk to a local coffee shop for lattes, only to be confronted by a Dark Mime.

Official Selection:
Boise Shorts Festival, 2012.



Feature length narrative featuring Lee Vander Boegh and Frederick L Scott, with a supporting cast of about 100.

-- A TV producer discovers Cannibals while on an adventure in the wilds of Wimmiwanga. He brings the cannibals back to civilization with plans to feature them in a movie. That was his second mistake. His first mistake was not telling his wife he was going on the adventure in the first place.

Opening Screening was July 24, 2010 at the Country Reel Theaters in Boise, Idaho.  If you'd  like a DVD of "Cannibals" please visit Cultural Jetsam and order one there.