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Recognizing that independent artists of all genres face difficulties distributing their work, Cultural Jetsam was created to be a venue through which filmmakers, musicians, writers, and other artists can gain access to an internet market.

If you'd like to sell your work here it's really very simple.

Just send us a minimum of 5 (five) of each item you'd like us to sell for you, (along with a note that has your name, contact info, and the WHOLESALE price for your item). Send as many items as you'd like, but at least send us 5.

There are NO setup fees. There is no 'signing up'. When we receive your work we'll create image art for the CultJet site, write the listing, and market your work to our customers. We'll handle the inventorying, shipping and payment processing. You handle the creation of art.

SHIPPING: Please send your items to: Cultural Jetsam at Clam City, 4360 W. Samara Court, Boise, Idaho 83703. If you're in the Boise, Idaho  area shoot us an email: and we can probably arrange to pick up your items in person.

PRICING: Tell us the WHOLESALE price of your items. We'll mark it up to retail and market it. When it sells we'll send you a check for the wholesale price. (Checks go out at the end of each month.) If the items don't sell after a length of time and you'd like them back just let us know and we'll get them back to you.

REFUSALS: We reserve the right to reject any item that we do not wish to list. If you aren't sure if we'll want to sell your item just send us one and let us decide.

QUESTIONS? Please email us at

Thanks! And here's looking forward to a prosperous partnership.

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