by Joseph Greenwood

Our love is like a pearl
Pure in its perfection
Swirling in white
A sphere of protection
Safe in our loyalty
Calmed by affection
This tower of love
Erected by connection
Hot like the sun
Rising in expression
Wild like the wind
Blown in all direction
Cool like the rushing water
Flowing to the ocean
Sailing away

On this sea of emotion

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Contributor's Bio
Joseph D. Greenwoodhasbeen chosen for an exhibition of artwork for the month of December, 2001, at Barnes & Noble, in Fresno, California.  The exhibition will be held on the upper floor, and a number of his images will be displayed. This is a one-artist showing, so all the spaces will be filled with Joseph's art alone.   On display will be a number of limited edition prints, as well as some original paintings and drawings.  All artworks will be framed, and available for sale His work is available on-line at his Artworks Gallery.