Nancy Bennett

What Passes for Rain

Black cracked roadways leave narrow tunnels
for soft falling rain made not of two atoms/one atoms
but different density and cold calculations of an errant science.
Where chemical derivatives sent through space
had found a place to circle, unknown, that is until the rain began...
Under the sleepy cities magenta numbers bleat out the time
alarms which can't be shut off with a fist of flesh
electronic seconds sizzle in the sudden downpour,
expand as the droplets fill the cracks on black roadways
burning, burrowing
Plants seeding, sudden evolvement,
pushing through cement shells
egg teeth of ivy, they surface and wrap around and around
twisting like florescent snakes, mating through the night.

They wait for sunlight to surface, break up the chemical clouds
so they might pollinate the air with timely offerings.

Sometime in a far off future still ticking,
nothing is left but the
decay smell of carbon based chemical mortals
and the steady bleating/beating of the clock,
sheparding those lost sheep of the chemical age back underground to
green dream pastures, where they lay awake sometimes at night
and wonder waiting the arrival
of what passes for rain...

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