Mo Paul lives in Kansas City, Missouri, and has been an artist, of sorts, all his life. Mo is also a blues and jazz musician. "I play harmonica and sing and I tell bad jokes and drink. I write bad poetry and prose which I immediately throw away.  I am selling large poster sized prints of my illustrations (follow link below --ed.).  I can be hired for nefarious purposes.  Either as an artist or musician, or as someone to make you feel uncomfortable.  For a small fee, I can go to the homes of anyone you like and make them feel uncomfortable, by the hour or day. Some day I hope to be an au pair." 
For more Mo Paul's political cartoons, illustrations and general weirdness, visit The Mo Paul Institute of Fine Art.

Stephanie Scarborough  "My poetry has appeared in Bovine Free Wyoming!, Whistling Shade, Love Words, Nuthouse, Liquid Ohio, and others.  I am a vegetarian, a pisces, and wish I could play the accordion.

Joy V. Smith   "I've been  writing stories since I was a kid. I live in Florida with Xena, the warrior puppy.  My recent sales include "Moovin' Up", to Twilight Times (published in the Spring issue) and "The Haunted Garden", also to Twilight Times (to be published in the Fall issue.)  Also a series of stories to Hadrosaur Productions, which were published as an audiobook, "Sugar Time". Another short story from the series has been sold to Hadrosaur Tales.  I have an upcoming interview in Inscriptions. And you can visit my Website at It's Sugar Time!

Delores Fleming  "I love writing poems. I worked as a registered nurse for 19 years and now I hope to write poems for 19 years or more. I love writing funny poems, love poems, poems about my precious family and friends."

Martin Phipps Recent publishing credits include (online): “The Age of Television” in, “Time’s Scythe” in the 13th Warrior Review, “Showdown in Eastcheap” in the Copperfield Review, “North of Sorrow” in The Sidewalk’s End, “The Comma” in fuzzclog, “Seven Minutes of Forgetting” in ken*again, “Mildew and Grime” and "Old Hat" in The Shadow Show, “Misery Soup” in Littoral West, “An Evening at the Club” in Cherry Bleeds; and (in print) “Nightfall” in (M)onkey (K)ettle and “The Goods Remain” in dANDelion (U. of Calgary,AB).

Carol MacAllister  "Recently, I've had a story in the TerrorTales on-line Anthology, "Who Killed the Easter Bunny", and also their award-wining Christmas Anthology, "I'm Dreaming of a Black Xmas," a short story in the trade paperback, "Strangewood Tales,"  and a short story in the anthology, "Cemetery Sonata," and a story in the upcoming "Chicken Soup For the Romantic Soul." A recent horror poem that appeared in Flesh & Blood magazine has been mentioned in "The Years' Best Horror and Dark Fantasy for 2001."

Kenny Klein  is a poet, musician, and photographer/graphics artist. He can play at your renaissance festival, design your website, and write something catchy to say about your choice of fashion. Otherwise he is rather inconsequential. His site is:

Junior has recently relinquished his position as ruler of the universe in favor of becoming a pizza delivery man. If he had any hair, he would not get it cut. Rather he would have it piled skyward, died green, and frozen into a replica of the Statue of Liberty.

Since emerging from the creche almost a quarter of a century ago,
Jamie Rosen has been subjected to forced-learning techniques and probing medical investigations; these experiences have provided fuel for countless angst-ridden parables.

Randy Chandler  Randy was a contributor to the paper EOTU, his story "3-D" appeared in the Feb. '88 issue and was republished in ALPHA GALLERY. His novel "DUET FOR THE DEVIL" (co-authored with t. Winter-Damon) was nominated for the 2000 Stoker Award for Best First Novel.

Jeanie Kezo  is a single mother of three grown children, who is currently employed in the retail business. Her favorite author is Stephen King.

Joy Surles is an instructor at Long Island University in New York City, where she is  also pursuing a Master's in Creative Writing. 

Barbara J. Petoskey's prose and poetry have appeared in small-publications across the country, as well as the humor collections The Bride of Funnyside, The Cats' Meow!, and The Best Contemporary Women's Humor.  She is also a contributing editor for ByLine magazine.

Max Strange Long ago, I discovered how to deal with pre-bedtime-snacking-induced nightmares … write ‘em down and share them! I’ve several stories, poems and art pieces in the speculative fiction small press, but that was almost a decade ago. Then, life intruded and I got too busy to write. Recent events have awakened me to the fact that I was never promised “a round ‘tuit,” and I’d better share my nightmares… while I can.

Christopher Hivner  I have recently had poems in The Harrow, Decompositions and Chaos Butterfly and have pieces scheduled to appear in Dark Moon Rising and Ibn Qirtaiba. When not writing I'm probably reading, listening to music or wandering the streets aimlessly asking people if they are now or have ever been a communist.

Tyree Campbell is a retired U.S. Army translator with one novel and fifty short stories to his credit so far.  He is also the editor of Aoife's Kiss.  He invites your attention to

Jim Hines began his writing career in 1999 with an award-winning story in Writers of the Future XV.  He struggled to balance writing and a real-world job.  For months, he searched for a job that would leave him time and energy for writing, a job that would require as little thought as possible....  In 2001, Jim began his new job as a state employee.  He has since sold stories to The Book of All Flesh, Andromeda Spaceways, Full Unit Hookup, and numerous others.  To learn more, he invites readers to visit his website.

Marsheila Rockwell  "I have made previous sales to Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, the Cosmic Unicorn, Aoife's Kiss, Star*Line, NFG, and the Dust Devil poetry anthology, as well as winning an Honorable Mention in the Isaac Asimov Award for Undergraduate Excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing. I am a civil engineer and soccer mom, a Montana native transplanted to California (and doing quite well there), and the owner of one cat and a sizeable collection of Wonder Woman figures.  My interests include chaos theory, genealogy (I have one line traced back to the 6th century) and Catholic apologetics."

The Sooke Scribblers are an eclectic group of writers who ponder the ridiculous from Vancouver Island: members Nancy Bennett, Peter A. Lee, Shirley  Skidmore, Tia Leschke, Judith Gorton and Lydia A. Calder.

 Scott E. Green  has been active as a poet in the sf/f/h genres for over 25 years.  He is best known as the author of the only reference work on sf/f/h poetry ;SCIENCE FICTION, FANTASY & HORROR POETRY, A RESOURCE GUIDE & BIOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY (Westport,CT; Greenwood 1989).  He is also the President of the Science Fiction Poetry Association.


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