With the cloning of Dolly the sheep, I wonder if other scientific impacts could be on the horizon. What would happen if we decided to try and make livestock smarter ? Would they also become more civilized? Help is close at hand for the farmer, if you have decided to reeducate your flock into a bunch of woolly wonders. 
-- The Sooke Scribblers

  Shakespeare for Sheep!

Much To Do About Mutton
A Tale of  Two Shearings
Two Gentlerams of Vermont
The Taming of the Ewe
Romeo and J Ewe Liet?
As Ewe Like it
Julius Shearer
The Merry Wives of Mintsauce
The Merano of Venice

and letís not leave out those
Border Collie Buddies !

The Taming of the Sheepdog
Anthony and Collieopatra
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