EOTU Ezine Staff Member


On a warm spring day in the early 1950's, Larry was born in a log cabin deep in the Ozark Mountains of  Missouri. While still a young lad his parents loaded him, his sister and all the family's earthly belongings into a 1949 Chevy sedan and headed for the green/gold life beckoning from the state of California. The infamous Dennis sense of navigation landed them in the dry dirty desert of southern Idaho, where Larry lives to this day.

Larry was taught at an early age that it wasn't right to lie, unless you wrote it down on paper and called it fiction. So he has been writing 'fiction' since about the age of 8. In the 1980's Larry became frustrated because he was unable to sell his fiction on a regular basis to the zines being published at the time. He blamed this paucity of sales on the zines strict adherence to accepting only stories that fit into their particular genre structure. (ed. note:  Since we here at The Clam City News are required by law to only say good things about EOTU Ezine, the EOTU Empire and its employees we won't point out that the real reason Dennis' fiction didn't sell might have been because it sucked).

With the frustration and anger only a spurned writer can feel, Dennis started his own zine so he could publish his own stories. And thus EOTU was born. Larry named his new zine EOTU after the Shoshoni word meaning, roughly, "that animal you killed was nowhere as big as you say". EOTU died in the early 1990's due in large part to business mismanagement by Dennis, only to be resurrected in the year 2000 as an internet only 'ezine'. (For a complete history of EOTU read "The Breadth of All Malarkey".)

Other interests and hobbies for Dennis including restoring old Chevrolets (read "Chevy Nova" and "Chevy Trucks") and theater.

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