EOTU Ezine Staff Member

marketing director

Ralph moved here to the Boise Valley about 40 years ago from Oklahoma. Another one of Larry's old cabbie buddies, Ralph's primary responsibility to EOTU Ezine is to get as many people as he can to come view the pages. We think he's doing okay, since pages views run about 50,000 per issue, with a one-time high of 74,000 for our April 2003 issue

Basically Ralph is retired from life and just goes around now telling everyone he meets to go to www.clamcity.com. Good thing Ralph's paycheck comes in a brown bottle.

Ralph really doesn't have any interests anymore in life except drinking and talking. He was spending a lot of time with Maggie, a waitress at the T & A Cafe for awhile, but that didn't work out. So we let him hang around here and be our marketing director 'cause everyone needs to be needed.

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