Mike Allen


pinstripe segments
form the worm
greed eating machine
down peering
at streets teeming       with
lunchable commodities
race of walking meat
wrapped in polyester/cotton
cattle clothes

worm tunnel       tower
rises to the heavens
sky-piercing spike
with glass panel eyes
infested       by the herd
happy salaried cattle
chattering elevator chattel
indoctrinated with empire
maggot money dreams
don't stop until the top
until we (eat them all)
               pierce the sky

happy pinstriped grubs
two-legged larvae       tend the herd
cull the ones       won't be missed
failed capitalist
your special day       the elevator
doesn't stop at
lobby       ground floor      basement
opens in the deeps
happy worm fathers

underground networks
spread the work ethic
shed your limbs       learn
to think inside the box
the worm empire
will form from
pinstripe dreams

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