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Volume 3, Issue 1
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February, 2002

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Gina Del Ray's
Trip to the Zoo

"Hit an elephant with a dart and he just reaches
around and pulls it out with his trunk.
But hit a whale in the heart and the whole ocean
turns red."

Laurie Anderson 
from "Pieces and Parts"


  Gina Del Ray was on the bus like all the other students when the revelation came to her that she, like all the other students, was just an animal in a big metal cage being taken to see other animals in cages. And while this frightened her in that moment, she took comfort in learning we are all just animals on a planet.

Courage Translated
by Mark A. Rayner
art by David L. Transue 

Pacifying the Serpent Stars
by Nancy Bennett

In the parking lot disembarking from the bus, through the turnstiles being counted one by one and now in front of the monkey cage, Gina began her field trip into nature, confined. The monkeys stared at her, begging in their minds for some peanuts from the hands of yet another tourist. And Gina stared back, searching in their eyes for that tiny spark of light that speaks of the creatures having life, of having souls.

Dance of the Jungle
by Mike Koenen
art by Michele Ann Richter

by Lida Broadhurst

Just before lunch when they were all to gather together in the park Gina snuck away from the pack to poke her head into the meadow behind the barn. There, where the zoo gave way to the farmlands and forests and meadows, there in the sunlight of that glorious day, there before her, beckoning her, danced the most curious creatures.

Gina Del Ray Trips with Her Classmates
Story by Larry Dennis
Photography by Kenny Klein
Some contain nudity. They all contain peace and love.

The Field
by Cathleen L. Mann

The Zoo
by Charles Coleman Finlay

After lunch, again with the students on the tour Gina Del Ray was forced to view animal after animal caged, abused, tortured. Hour after hour, giraffe, orangutan, bear. And over it all hovered the drone of Ms. Finglus, their teacher. "The panda eats as its diet the leaves of the eucalyptus tree. And since eucalyptus has disappeared from our planet, the pandas soon will, too." 

Quality Assurance
by Chris Bauer

Waitng for Godzilla
by Jamie Rosen
art by s.c.virtes

Throughout the afternoon Gina kept hoping for a miracle, a moment of magic when one of the animals would turn to her and look at her with the glint of soul in its eyes. She wanted to know, she needed to know, that there was a connection between humans and animals that went beyond master/slave, top of the food chain, how warm would I be in your fur? She needed to know that in this wide Universe of ours humans weren't the only sentient beings. But all she saw in those animal eyes, these last animals on the planet, all she saw was a willingness to be kept in a cage until death.

by Christopher Mulrooney

The Animals Gina Del Ray Saw at the Zoo. 
 Various Artists

Epochs in Exile:  A Fantasy Trilogy
by Charles Saplak & Mike Allen

Michael came over to Gina Del Ray as she sat on the bus on the ride home. "Got anymore lunch in that lunch box? Any more realitys to share?"
"Nope. All gone."
"Too bad."
"Uh, huh."
"Wanna come over to my place when we get back to school?"
"Oh, yeah."

Serengeti Snack
by s.c.virtes

Mioonlight Madness
by Megan Hart

Watch for Livestock
by G.W. Thomas

And so that day while at the zoo, Gina Del Ray came to understand the nature of animals and the nature of humans. Just as they, I am sure, had come to understand her.

In the Eyes of Old Dogs
by Bruce Boston



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