G. W. Thomas

They came in the dark to do mischief
Laughing to know that cows could be pushed over
Like living dominoes
Dead weight in their sleep
They came over the dry stubble field
The crossed the gravel road
Seeing, the yellow sign, reading
Watch For Livestock
Oh, they would, they would
The cows dotted the hillside
Like a surrealistic Dali painting
Done in darkness
The first one pushed at a hot haunch
But the cow didn’t tumble
She called for assistance
From her accomplice ready nearby
They pushed together
Cows could tip over
Couldn’t they?
But the cow didn’t fall, only turned
The girls looked up to see the cattle gathering
No longer spread about like bales
Their escape route was blocked by brown flanks and
Short, sharp horns
The circle closed slowly
As the cows bared their secret smiles
Didn’t they see the cattleguard?
Watch For Livestock.
The sign should have read:
Beware of Cows…

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