Aimea Saul    "Born and residing in Oregon, I was a restaurant owner delving into the culinary arts before discovering photography and computers. My art reflects the perception of myself (yes, I am a Gemini) and those around me.  In most images, I find a natural inclination towards incorporating elements in sets of two expressing the dueling natures within the Gemini.  Dark and light are almost always defined. For more of Aimea's art visit Imagery by Aimea.

Bruce Boston  is the author of 30 books and chapbooks, including the novel "Stained Glass Rain" and "best of" fiction collection "Masque of Dreams " (Wildside, 2001). His stories and poems have appeared in hundreds of publications, including Asimov's SF, Amazing Stories, Realms of Fantasy, Weird Tales, The Twilight Zone, Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, and five Nebula Awards anthologies. His fiction has received a Pushcart Prize and won the Best of Soft Sf Award. His poetry has received many awards, including the  Asimov  Readers Award, the Aboriginal SF Boomerang Award, and a record seven Rhysling Awards. In 1999 the Science Fiction Poetry Association honored him with the only Grand Master Award in its 22-year history. Some of his fiction is available at Fictionwise. His webpage is at Bruce Boston

John Sweet lives in upstate New York (glamour capitol of the world) where he has acquired a wife, house, kids and some cats along the way. His work has appeared in a variety of places, including Small Spiral Notebook, Pierian Springs, Stirring and Ariga. More of John's work can be found at his website on Burning Word.

Karen A. Romanko is the editor and publisher of sf/f/h and mystery e-zine Raven Electrick. Her recent and forthcoming credits include poems and stories in The Pedestal Magazine, Speculon, Twilight Times, Martian Wave, Aoife's Kiss and Full Unit Hookup.

Andy Miller is a writer from Virginia.

Terry Bramlett is a writer from Ridgeland Mississippi

Mike Allen is a writer from Virginia.

Michael A. Arnzen is an English professor at Seton Hall, who also happens to be a Bram Stoker Award winner. More of his writing is available at  The Goreletter,  a compilation of short creative bits and news about his writing. 

MorrisoN is an award-winning visual artist, published poet and short fiction scribbler. MorrisoN lives in one of your typical New York City tenement apartments with multitudes of sycophantic cockroaches (they DO so love her cookin')
...her long-suffering photographer husband (he DO so love the Pepto Bismol)... and a determination to, some day, move the whole, stinkin', lot of 'em to within at least spitting distance of... Eden. BTW - some of MorrisoN's art can be seen at MorrisoN and at her other gallery, MorrisoN.

H. Turnip Smith has recently become bitterly serious about winning this year's Most Boring Man in the Midwest competition. To that end he has begun polishing his bowling ball and covering the Weather Channel 24-7. Local experts predict that this will be his year.

kiyotei is an artist from California whose work has appeared on over 30 international websites. Kiyotei claims to be over 297 years old (in dog years). For more his work visit the kiyotei den.

Kenneth Champeon is an honors graduate of the University of Chicago. " I am a writer living in Thailand.  I regularly contribute to ThingsAsian and BookPage, and my
photojournalism has appeared in Colors Magazine.  My publications, including essays and fiction, can be viewed on my website. Kenneth Champeon.

Sarah Chaves is a teenager living in southern Idaho.

Arnold Baruch is an American in Tokyo, a jazz saxophonist and songwriter.

Margaret B. Simon  teaches art in Florida and freelances writer-poet-illustrator assignments for genre and mainstream publications such as THE EDGE, EXTREMES, Frisson, Space & Time, Dark Regions, Edgar, The Urbanite, Fantasy Magazine, Millenium, and more. She is current president of the SF Poetry Association, edits a column for the HWA Newsletter, "Blood & Spades: Poets of the Dark Side", is HWA Membership Chairman, and contributes a column to Scavenger's Newsletter, "The Art Bin". In short, she's still alive and kickin'!

Wayne Wolfson  is a California based author. He recently collaborated with Boston based producer/composer Grenadier on the CD "The Last Martini". For more information on Wayne visit Terrible Beauty and for more information on the CD visit The Last Maritini.

M. Bennardo is a recent graduate of Case Western Reserve University.  His work has been (or shortly will be) published in Pegasus Online, Elysian Fiction, and Strange Horizons.  He currently lives in Ohio, dividing his time between working, further educating himself, and pursuing the rewards of publication.

Randy Chandler  Randy was a contributor to the paper EOTU, his story "3-D" appeared in the Feb. '88 issue and was republished in ALPHA GALLERY. His novel "DUET FOR THE DEVIL" (co-authored with t. Winter-Damon) was nominated for the 2000 Stoker Award for Best First Novel.


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