Christina Sng is the author of poetry collections The Darkside of Eden, (Allegra Press, 2002), Angelflesh (Sam's Dot Publishing, 2002), and in collaboration with Sarah Guidry, Dichotomies of Light and Dark (Hartman Press, 2003). Her poems have appeared in such venues as Flesh & Blood, Hadrosaur Tales, Lunatic Chameleon, Penumbric, and Space & Time, among others. She lives on the Equator with her husband and their three cat-children. Visit her online at Dark Dreams

Terry Bramlett lives and writes in Brandon, Mississippi with his wife Brenda and a few animals that will go nameless. His sales include Weird Tales, H.P Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror, Horror Garage, Oceans of the Mind (4 sales), and Elysian Fiction.

Marissa K. Lingen was the '99 winner of the Asimov Award and has since sold stories to Analog, Oceans of the Mind, Ideomancer, Would That It Were, and other publications.

Nancy Bennett, while not weaving her mystic verse, lives on Vancouver Island where the trees are lovely and the winter is magic.

Tyree Campbell is editor of one of our favorite zines, Aiofe's Kiss.

Tim Houlihan lives in Idaho with his wife, Treva. 

C. Allen has been published  in a variety of places  including Tiger Moon Press, Three Pillows, and Interface.

Scott Osbourne is a 16-year old artist from Massachusetts.

Ahmed A. Khan has been published in Strange Horizons, Anotherealm, Pif, Ideomancer, etc. He also maintains two websites related to his interest in science fiction and fantasy: Index of Online Fiction and Short SF Review.

Michael Levy celebrates truth, beauty and joy every day in his life and shares that experience with you on his website, Point of Life. "No matter where you travel, with a positive outlook you will never lose your way."

By day H. Turnip Smith prowls lonely highways in search of road-kill for quick snacks. However, when nighttime comes he turns his attention to suspicious movements of worms in his role as special agent for Vegetariains Anonymous.

Michael Hanson is a former Army Brat, former Film Major, and former Lifeguard who lives in New Jersey, edits Technical Journals for Engineering Societies, collects contemporary impressionist oil paintings, and watches the tv show FUTURAMA "way" too much.

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