by Mark St. Germain

Directed by Larry Dennis

Stage Coach Theatre, February, 2000

    Henry Ford and Thomas Edison go camping every year. This year they take President Warren Harding with them. As they drive through the forest they hit a deer, wreck their car and have to wait in the wilderness for the Secret Service to find them.
    A play of fictional conversations, based heavily on fact.

Stage Coach's stage is 30 feet wide and 19 feet deep, with no wings. This was our set. That's Brett Walker (son of Don Walker, who played Henry Ford) trying out the stage rock.

The Model T we had on stage is a prop. While the easy thing to do to get one on stage would have to been to borrow one, the doors through our theater to the stage are way too narrow for a car to roll through. This one is made of assorted borrowed rusty parts, styrofoam, canvas and wood.

Here's a look from the offstage side of the car.

Here's Lighting Designer David Wilson setting up the special effect where the camp fire explodes.

The cast of "Camping with Henry and Tom" backstage before curtain. Against the far wall is Larry Chase, as President Warren Harding. Don Walker, as Henry Ford, straightens his tie and Jerry Snodgrass as Thomas Edison stand conversing with them. That's Elizabeth in the foreground, she designed costumes for the show and the face peeking in from the right is Jay Parker, who played Secret Service Agent Col. Starling.

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