1976 Super Sport

Novas were made by Chevrolet from 1962 - 1979. They went through several body designs. Mine is the last of the series, known affectionately as the Disco Novas. 1976 was the last year Chevy made the Nova Super Sport.

I bought the car in 1999 from a dealer who had taken it in on trade from the original owner. The car was all original, including the rally wheels, (in these photos hidden behind hubcaps), with trim rings and center caps. The car also came with a very tired 305 engine with a 3speed floor-shift manual transmission. The interior was pretty much trashed and the paint very deteriorated.

Now the car has a brand new engine, a 350 small block with a Quadrajet carb and aluminum intake manifold. The car also has a brand new 4 speed tranny, as well as new radiator, alternator, starter and Flowmaster exhaust. Runs really nice and rumbles really deep and loud.

I've named my 76SS SMAUG - sez so on the license plate. Smaug was the dragon in The Hobbit. He was old and decrepit and belched fire.

Old Nova Interior  The interior when I bought the car was pretty ratty -- seats worn, springs busted, carpets heavily soiled, dash cracked -- so in the year 2000 I gutted everything out and removed all the interior panels. The panels got new paint, I installed a new dash pad and carpet and had the seats recovered and repaired. Oh, and a 300-watt stereo.

This is how it looks today. New Nova Interior
New Nova Interior There a few details I still need to attend to, and will when the weather turns warm again in the spring.  Things like repairing the wood-grain strips on the door panels and re-installing them.
The original package tray had been "customized" by the previous owner, meaning she pretty much destroyed it while installing rear deck speakers. I've been unable to find a satisfactory replacement  tray so covered the old one with a fabric that matches the new seats. Nova Interior
All in all I'm quite happy with the new interior, it even smells like a new car!

This past summer (2003) I had finally saved up enough money and screwed up enough courage to paint Smaug myself. With the help of my Dad and his shop out in Canyon County, Idaho, we spent days sanding, spreading Bondo, setting up a makeshift paint booth, and spraying paint.

Here's a picture of my Dad sanding off a rear panel.
This was my first time painting a car but I think it turned out okay.

All in all, painting my Nova was a good adventure and I can't wait to paint my next car!


And this would be it. A 1974 Nova hatchback.

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