Chevy trucks are one of most popular vehicles to collect & restore. I've had at least one truck since I got my driver's license 36 years ago. They've all been daily drivers. The first was a 1958. I had it for almost 20 years before a drunk ran a red light one night in downtown Boise and broad-sided it.

Currently, I've got a 1972 C-10. My Dad bought this new off the showroom floor. I bought it from him a few years ago. It is completely original, even has the original paint.


I named her Janine, after a song by Soul Coughing. Seems this guy developed a serious love for a girl on the 900 phone line. He knew it was wrong to love her and he tried to stop, but it was too late because he'd spelled her name out on his license plate. The plates on this Chevy say 'Janine'.


This truck worked on the farm for a lot of years, hauling siphon tubes and tractor parts and stuff. Dad used it  to pull a camping trailer up to elk hunting territory every season. The hitch is still on the bumper. JANINE has a 350 engine, 4 barrel carb and 4-speed manual transmission. She's got over 140,000 miles. The rocker panels are just beginning to show rust, so I've got body work planned just as soon as I get my Nova up to a comfortable restoration level.
This is my 66 Chevy C-10. The engine blew a couple years ago and it sat in the driveway for another year while I debated on what to do with it. Finally sold it to a guy at the local tire shop who wanted a truck to fix up.
This is what it looked like when it ran. Took it camping and  fishing a lot, what else is a truck for? We're about 50 miles off the paved road here, up along the Deadwood River.
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