from Boise Little Theater's 25th Season

Directed by Larry Dennis

Featuring Sue Howe as Opal

with Eric Rogge, Bob Blackburn, Kris Levanger, Don Mummert and Jeremy Swedelius.
Oh, and that's Zorro, the Cat, in her lap, who had a walk-on role.

The gents are Bob Blackburn, Don Mummert, Eric Rogge, Jeremy Swedelius
and the ladies, Sue Howe and Kris Levanger.

    Opal lived with her cat in an old house near the city dump. She lived by collecting and selling junk. One day three criminals moved in with her, their plan was to insure her as a business partner, kill her, and collect the insurance money. Of course their attempts to kill her failed. They ran her over with a car, poisoned her and dropped a ceiling on her. Each time she would come to, see them standing over her and think they had saved her from some terrible accident.
    Hilarious show, very fun cast to work with.
    Though there were reports from some crew members during our production of "Prelude to a Kiss", Opal is the only show I've done at Boise Little Theater where I personally believe the ghost paid us a visit.