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Our stage during set building 08/19/00  This is our mainstage, the Curry's farmhouse. The flats are up and a basecoat has been applied. That's Jerry creating a stone fireplace. Our theater has the mainstage and two side stages, left and right. The tackroom is on audience's left, Deputy File's office is audience right.

  08/19/00    Here's a closeup of Jerry at work, carving the stones from styrofoam.

08/25/00   The detail painting on the fireplace is finished. We just have to build a mantle and mount the fireplace against the rear wall.

The Tackroom   08/19/00   This is the tackroom, where Lizzy and Starbuck discuss life, the Universe and everything. Construction has been completed and it is ready for the wood graining. Our plan is to make the walls look like the 'barnwood' behind the wooden sawhorse. Once the wood graining is done the room will be filled with saddles and tack.

Deputy File's Office 08/19/00   This is Deputy File's office. Is is completely built and ready for painting and detailing. Yes, that is Dolly in jail. We use her to stand in for actors while checking sight lines and setting lights.

   08/25/00  The Sheriff and Deputy File rehearse the "I don't want a dog!" scene.

backstage  08/19/00   This is part of the work area backstage. Enter with care.

   08/25/00  Main stage construction, further along.

Elizabeth Elizabeth at her sewing machine, constructing a blouse for Lizzy.

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