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SHANE KELLERMAN uses Sue's computer and has dirty socks. Despite good intentions and a plus-size body, Shane Kellerman is as mystified by sex as is Pring. He, also, apologizes to the reader for his use of a four-letter word. 

WILLIAM JOHN WATKINS is a member of the founding faculty at Brookdale 
Community College in Lincroft, NJ where he teaches American Literature and 
Introduction to Literature. More than 400 of his poems have been published in 
such magazines as Rhino, South Carolina Review, Hellas, the Formalist, and 
Commonweal. His sonnet "Wife of My Youth, Look Back, Look Back" won the 1994 Hellas Award. His short story "Beggar in the Living Room" was a Nebula Award finalist in 1993. He was elected to "Who's Who Among Americas Teachers" and received Brookdale's Outstanding Colleague Award in 1997. His educational 
software, "The Jaws of Poetry", won the IBM Competition for Excellence, and 
he became a member of the Neshaminy H.S Football Hall of Fame in 1988 and its
All Sports Hall of Fame for wrestling in 1997. His hobby is racing motorcycles off road with his son, Chad.

ARTGEKKO attended art school at Webberlane Dynamics throughout most of the 1980's and finally graduated in '91 with a degree in Applied Crayon. While at Webberlane, Artgekko befriended the school janitor,  a young snippet of a man named Ricky, and learned from this new friend the secret of life. Unfortunately, that learning occured early in the evening and by mid-dawn of the next day the pair had consumed copious amounts of Pepsi and Ho-Ho's, and the secret of life was lost to Artgekko. Still, Artgekko searchs for meaning. You can see the visual representations of that search at ARTGEKKO's GRAPHIC GALLERY.

ED CHURNSIDE is a freelance writer, programmer and web designer. He is a self-confessed computer wizard, and winner of the Atari Consumer Products Award. "Many people have used my programs but no-one knows me," he says with a grin.  Ed now writes articles on subjects as diverse as netiquette, astronomy, carpentry and bunnies. He enjoys writing short fiction and his work has appeared in many popular e-zines. He leads Writers' Circle in northern New Jersey, where he still finds time to program shareware, and manage several web sites. Visit him at 

KENNETH CHAMPEON graduated with honors in mathematics from the University of Chicago.  He is a freelance writer and regularly contributes to ThingsAsian at  He lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

RICH LOGDSON is a professor of English teaching in Las Vegas. He has been published extensively on and off the web.

DEE RIMBAUD is an artist and writer, based in Scotland. You can see more of his artwork at and contact him at 

THOMAS ZIMMERMAN teaches English at Washtenaw Community College, in Ann Arbor, MI. His poetry has appeared in Lethologica, The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, and Isis Rising.

KENNY KLEIN is a musician, writer, and photographer currently living in Los Angeles. Originally from New York City, Kenny spent seven years (on and off) traveling the U.S. playing music at Renaissance festivals. His music, writing and photography can be found at KENNY'S WEBSITE.

JAMIE ROSEN is a nuclear physicist, taxi driver, and designated alternate for the Dalai Lama. His fiction credits include the King James version of the Bible, The Old Man and The Sea, and this bio.

MICHELE ANN RICHTER is an eclectic artist with diverse friends with many different spiritual paths. She currently lives in Hamilton, Ohio and works inhouse for a company in Sharonville, Ohio. For more info visit Michele's Site.

STEVEN WEDEL has published a few dozen short stories, a critical essay and some reviews. Steven has worked as a newspaper editor, columnist and reporter.  His fiction has appeared in DeathGrip, Frightnet, The Midnight Zoo and Terminal Fright, to name a few.  He recently won Short Scary Tales' Best Fiction 2000 contest with his story "Reunion."

s.c. virtes is a creative nut with recent stories & poems in Analog, Zipzap, Ideomancer, Cafe Irreal, Marbles, Planet, Dreams & Nightmares. His business half writes games and corporate websites for a living, including the Caesars Palace games for Windows and some big music websites that recently imploded. He spends his evenings in a state of fugue under a pile of toasty cats. Visit SCV Tales for more of his fiction, art, software and games.

GAK's art has appeared in a variety of places; book covers and zine covers and inside plenty of publications, prompting one editor (that would be Larry) to say Gak's art is spreading like a fungus. GAK's ART 

MELISSA PINOL  "I have a BA in Social Science and Anthropology and a special interest in myth and folklore. I formerly worked as an Employment Specialist for disabled people before becoming disabled myself and finally having the opportunity to write full time. Over the past three years I have sold around 150 poems, stories, and articles to a wide range of publications. Some of my recent  sales and publications include Fables, Glyph, Voyage Magazine, Writer Online, Spellbound, Eotu, Pantarbe, Fantasy, Folklore & Fairytales, GenreZone, Inscriptions, Waxing & Waning, Inkspot, and New Tribal Dawn. I also have poetry in four anthologies and am a regular contributor to Jobs in Hell. I have recently accepted my first editorial position, with The Harrow, and will soon be writing a regular column for Futures Magazine.

CHRIS MCTRUSTRY is a published children's author from down under (you know, like Australia), who is attempting to branch out into the 'grown-up' world.

LAURA PELICK is a senior painting/drawing major at S.U.N.Y. Alfred, School of Art and Design.  While she is relatively new to fantasy illustration, having only really been making characters up for herself and other people for a few years, she has a good collection of work available for viewing on her site at Fallen Lights.

Over the years, CATHY BUBURUZ has written about everything and anything to gain an audience.  She's written about heaven and hell, futuristic pregnancies, criminals of the future, life in the backwoods, serial killers and freaks, childhood experiences, insane asylums and carnivals, and the list goes on. Her limited edition art prints and art originals are now sold in the 7-Realms Gift Shop and Art Gallery in Pearl River, Louisiana. In March 2001, Cathy's tongue-in-cheek horror story about a serial killer in Louisiana, "Eyes of the Black Bayou", will appear in "Black October Magazine" along with two of her horror poems. Her Indian cultural story "Somewhere in Saskatchewan" appeared in "Space and Time" in the spring of 2001, and she's now working on illustrations for "Future Magazine". Cathy edits "Expressions" on the Promart Writing Lab website and "Midnight Selections" on the Gotta Write website. If and when she has spare time, she watches old Bette Davis and Joan Crawford movies.

CHANANYA WEISSMAN graduated Yeshiva University in May with a degree
in Jewish Studies. "The Subway Station", his story in EOTU Ezine, appears
in a collection of short stories, "Journeys Into Limbo", which was recently published by Infinity Publishing. For an autographed copy of the book e-mail Chananya Weissman. Chananya's work has also appeared in PLOT Magazine and the current issue of Tales of the Unanticipated, and has been accepted at Reality's Escape and Fungi.

NICHOLAS KNIGHT's stories can be found in the Midnighters' Club and Witching Hour anthologies, as well as issue 6 of Whispers From the Shattered Forum and issue 1 of Blood Samples.  His work has also appeared in Millennium SF&F, and will be in the October "Halloween Spooks" edition of Mysteries.

KAREN LAVEN  "First off, I would like to say, Ricky,  that being a janitor is a proud profession to have -- you can really clean up! Sorry... You know, I had a poem of mine published in "Cleaning Business Magazine," (really, yes it DOES exist) so believe me, I know the ropes... and the mops and stuff, too. ;-)"
          Okay, so like Karen is cool. Her story in this issue of EOTU Ezine, "Welcome to the Chop House on Route 40-Something", was a finalist in Scavenger's 1997 Newsletter Contest Winner's Anthology: A Clockwork Frog. Her work has also appeared in the small press in such publications as Mindmares, Byline, Living for the Whole Family, Nocturnal Lyric and many more. She is also the feature writer for The Drummer Newspaper and has an essay on Myria, The Magazine for Moms, that is absolutely required reading for anyone trying to maintain a household. Read Get the Hint.  Darn funny stuff.

JIM BASSETT lives in Gainesville, Florida. His novel "Living Real" was published in 1997 by HarperPrism. His short fiction has appeared in "Amazing Stories" and  the anthology "Young Blood" as well as several lesser-known print and online venues. He currently serves as editor of the SFWA "Forum", and in his spare time pretends to be a sculptor of stone and wood.

ROBERT DUNN is the Executive Editor of Medicinal Purposes Literary Review and author of the poetry collections "Zen Yentas in Bondage", "Guilty as Charged", "Sunspot Boulevard", and "Playing in Traffic".


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