poetry by Nancy Bennett
art by Helena Anderson

Elemental Love

 Within every pore of my being, my desire flows
 sweet sweat streaming in rapture
 joining with the rivers which break
 from your skin.
           In soft pools we frolic
 Floating like mermaid/mermen
           waking the still ponds as we ripple
 and roll with each coming thrust.

 Collapsing in the tub at home
 dancing in the summer rain
 the wine is sweet upon your tongue.

 Let me be your ocean
 and I will dissolve in your passions

Elemental Love

 Henna round the amber bud of your breast
           with rippling spirals
 the kohl of my eyes expanding with pleasure
 while I use the warm mud to cover my thighs
 silky white no longer.

 Let me paint you as a warrior God
 with ochre and red, covering my hands
 let them ooze over your mighty spear rising
 creamed white as you explode in my earthy caress.

 Later, we will bathe in the ocean
 lay in the warm sand making love
 and with every thrust into my earthen cave
 pearls are swirled, waiting to be conceived.

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