Keith W. Sikora
art by Teri Santitoro

Alien Seed


Natural beauty
At bewitching peak
Catwalk siren on the street
Through the throng panther sleek
Turning heads as she passes by
Senses the stares of virile eyes
At the corner, a stranger's sneeze
Alters her path of destiny
Contained in tainted air she breathes
Viral strain of alien seed

At home that night she's very ill
Burning fever, convulsive chills
Virulent invasion quickly takes hold
Transforms her double helix code
Come dawn she looks so strange
Mirror image shows new genetic traits
Iguana spines run down vertabrae trail
Sharp claws grow from manicured nails
Mutant merge of human and beast
Sensual evolves serpent chic

Pleasing flesh turned python skin slick
Lizard tongue licks around her lips
Once warm blood now runs cold
In feral blend of symbiote and host
Pain of change leaves sanity maimed
Red-eyed madness sparkles in reptile gaze
Driven now by mating desire
She leaves to hunt for a suitable sire
Alien seductress smiles on the street
Here's fertile ground for her species to breed  ....

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