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Dee Rimbaud is an artist and writer living in Scotland. You can see more of his artwork at Dee Rimbaud Art. Or Email Dee.

Carl Buchanan "I live with my wife, the artist Kristine Buchanan, and daughter Miranda, who is waking up right now, hafta hurry, I've been translating some new French poets, Transylvanian really, and doing work on CA Smith for Scott Connors, now ed. of Studies in Weird Fiction."

Robert Walton is a writer from King City, California.

GAK continues his quest for world domination with. "This month's coolest mention in the press goes to . . . Publishers Weekly . . . finally a mainstream mag printing the dreaded name of GAK . . . and probably the coolest mention of all, the June issue of Fangoria where GAK is mentioned along side such greats as Clive Barker, Bernie Wrightson, Roger Corman and scores of others! Can WORLD DOMINATION be far behind?" You can see more of GAK's work at GAK.

David L. Transue has been a professional artist/illustrator since the late 1970's. In addition to his science fiction/fantasy art that appears in small press zines, David is widely known for his animal art, gaming art and mainstream illustrations. His work has appeared in such diverse places as Bird Talk, Marine Fish Monthly, Cyborg Games, Doll World, and American Karate, as well as Tor Books and U.S News & World Report. David was also a regular contributor to EOTU back in our paper days. Contact David by e-mail.

Bruce Boston is the author of 25 books and chapbooks, including the novel "Stained Glass Rain" and the forthcoming fiction/poetry collection "The Complete Accursed Wives". His stories and poems have appeared in hundreds of publications, including Asimov's SF, Amazing Stories, Realms of Fantasy, Weird Tales, The Twilight Zone, Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, and five Nebula Awards anthologies. His fiction has received a Pushcart Prize and won the Best of Soft Sf Award. His poetry has received many awards, including the  Asimov  Readers Award, the Aboriginal SF Boomerang Award, and a record six Rhysling Awards. In 1999 the Science Fiction Poetry Association honored him with the only Grand Master Award in its 22-year history. His webpage is at Bruce Boston.

Margaret B. Simon  teaches art in Florida and freelances writer-poet-illustrator assignments for genre and mainstream publications such as THE EDGE, EXTREMES, Frisson, Space & Time, Dark Regions, Edgar, The Urbanite, Fantasy Magazine, Millenium, and more. She is current president of the SF Poetry Association, edits a column for the HWA Newsletter, "Blood & Spades: Poets of the Dark Side", is HWA Membership Chairman, and contributes a column to Scavenger's Newsletter, "The Art Bin". In short, she's still alive and kickin'!

Darren Speegle is a resident of Germany. Darren's work has appeared in various magazines, including CHIAROSCURO, WRITER ONLINE, DARKMUSE and INFERNAL. A collection of his short fiction titled "That Old World Gothic" was released this month by RENAISSANCE E BOOKS.

 Aram Wool is a senior in high school who likes Stanley Kubrick films, Anthony Burgess books, and house parties. 

Andrew Penland  is an artist living in Concord, North Carolina, who works in a variety of media, ranging from crayons to digital. More of Andrew's work can be seen at The Oddity Factory.

 Philip Vassallo is a New Jerseyan by way of The Bronx and of Maltese ancestry, working as a communication consultant for corporate, nonprofit, government, and academic organizations. His poetry appears or will appear in Red Booth Review, Cyber Oasis, Decathlon2000, Open Sewer, Snakeskin, Wilmington Blues, Twelfth Planet, Electric Acorn, Poetry Webring, Lucid Moon, and various print journals. He has also been selected as one of the Poets of the Week at Poetry Super Highway. His essays on education, communication, and the arts have been published in numerous periodicals and websites. "Seven of my plays have been produced Off-Off Broadway, and I am a recipient of a New Jersey State Council on the Arts playwriting fellowship." 

Kate Baker is a writer from Hillsboro, Oregon, who says of her story "The Day I Saw Myself" "I just wrote it for my son one day. He said it 'freaked him out' and said I should submit it." So here it is for you.

David C. Kopaska-Merkel  was born in a prior millennium but is quite well preserved for his age. Despite widespread opposition, he persists in turning out nonsense at an unpardonable rate. He publishes Dreams and Nightmares, which is the oldest continuously published SF/fantasy poetry magazine. For more information visit David C. Kopaska-Merkel's website.

Charles Saplak was a contributor to the old paper EOTU about ten years ago "during the time when I was trying to 'break-in.'  Now look at us!"  Charles has had a good run since then, over 100 story sales and about 50 poetry sales. We here at EOTU have had about, well, uh, six.

Rashid Ahmad is a 33 year old poet from Pakistan.

 Lida Broadhurst tells us she is still living in California, still the assistant editor of "Skin and Bones" and has published several more pieces in such places as "StarLine", "Martian Wave", and "Electric Wine".

E.W. Richardson  is a former Marine and Vietnam veteran and is editor for Distant Echoes. Raised in Kenton, Ohio, he now makes his home in Van Nuys, CA. His work can be found in a variety of print magazines and e-zines, such 
as, Niederngasse, Romancing The Skyze, EOTU Ezine, The Circle, Bound (a Grey Book Press Journal), The Florida Villager, Waxing and Waning, The Sidewalk's End and millenniumShift.

Joseph D. Greenwood  is an artist from Fresno, California. From the time his hands could hold a pencil he has been scribbling on any little piece of paper he could find. Still today, he scribbles on pieces of paper, only now he is older so he calls it drawing. Always walking the edge between reality and fantasy Joseph experiments with different mediums while trying to express his visions. Most of his work is with acrylics, pastels, prismacolor pencils, pen&ink, charcoal, oils, and digital graphics. His main goal is to capture the essence of his subject, to bring out the unique qualities which exist below the surface, and to bring out the thoughts and emotions behind his work. More of his work is available at his Artworks Gallery.

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