By Myth Spinner

      Jules, Julie Niles sixteen-year-old runaway turned street whore, sat picking the dried blood from her fingernails.  The blood clung there like ruby nail polish.  Unevenly stroked and blotchy as if painted by a three-year-old.
      She looked casually at her fingertips; they too were stained with gore.  She smiled, an exaggerated smile, one that readily revealed the flecks of flesh wedged between her teeth.
      She dragged her tongue deliberately over her two-tone enamel, moaning sensually before giggling like a little girl.  Sucking on her lower lip, she savored the lingering taste of the evening’s repast.
      “Ah, now that was satisfying.”  She said, looking across the room at the beast that accompanied her.
      The creature, to which she peered, hung motionless and silent. 
      Jules stared, squinting her azure eyes she tried to see if it was even awake.  She sat up, then rubbed her blood stained hands over her bare legs.  Looking down between her legs, she spied a mess there. A mess that looked much she had just had her period; but the blood wasn’t hers. Jules giggled as she rocked herself back and forth. 
     “Hey you!”  She shouted just a bit too loud.
      “Hush!”  The creature spat.
      Jules watched as it raised its head to her.  Its face looked as if it had melted away like red candle wax. Deep crimson ran down over its neck, some dripped into a pool beneath its mass.  The creature had no face, only a heap of gored flesh that wept continuously.  It looked like it would become headless at any moment.  That all the running blood, flesh, or whatever it was would run off onto the floor but it didn’t.  Whatever it was just kept coming.  Kept running over the creatures body and collecting on the floor beneath it. 
      Jules made a face then dipped a finger, unconsciously, in the gore between her legs.  She sucked her finger as if it were a male object of joy.  The noise seemed to bother the creature as it twisted its body from left to right.  Jules watched its featureless face meld itself into various expressions, which she found amusing. 
      “There is no time for laughter.” 
      Jules looked curiously at the creature that spoke without moving its mouth, because it had no mouth. She slid out of bed.  Getting down on her knees she pulled the blanket up and peered beneath the bed. 
     “One, two, three…” she counted aloud.  Three men lay void and folded atop of one another, their bodies entirely drained of any substance.
      She smiled, then giggled, and waved shyly at the dead beneath the bed.  She dropped the blanket, looking up from her knees at the creature she asked, “What more do you want?”
      “Your atonement is four, we agreed on four.”  The words echoed in her head, Jules clapped her hands over her ears trying to drown out the creature.
      Jules stood slowly, then stomped through the blood that rested on the floor of the motel room.  Small droplets of blood rained out across the room, and small crimson footprints followed her to her clothing that lay at the edge of the bed.
      “Here,” the creature said.
      Jules looked back at the creature that held out a petite black dress.  “I would like you in this.”
      “What if I don't want to wear it?”  She pouted. 
      “You will wear as I select,” the creature responded.
      "Why?”  Jules crossed her arms over her modest chest in protest.
      The creature stirred, moving out from its corner a foot or two.  “Because, I am your...” it thought for a moment.  “I am your pimp and you, you are my whore.”
      Jules frowned.  “Great, but the blood what about the…” Jules complaint was cut short as the creature made a sucking sound.  She watched its chest as it inflated.  The gore from the bed, floor, and walls ran along the floorboards pooling beneath the levitating creature. 
      Then she felt the dried blood that spotted her naked body moisten.  The blood pooled into droplets and ran down her body like raindrops off a window.  Her body was clean, her skin free of any blemish, stain, or bruise.
      “A fine pool of death,” the creature remarked as it dropped its head down.  The pool of blood quivered as if it feared the creature, then rose beneath its gown and disappeared. 
      Jules pushed a cold breath across the clean room.  Clean as it had made after the first, then second. 
      The creature lowered its head and fell still in the corner of the darkening room. 
      “Fine,” Jules scoffed, taking the black dress that lie nicely pressed on the neatly prepared bed. 
 She slipped into the dress, thinking to herself only one more then she would be free, free to get back to her life.  She frowned, “What life?” 
      “You look delicious,” the creature complimented. 
      Jules smiled as she left the room. 

      The fall air was crisp.  Jules could feel the growing  bumps on her arms and bare legs, as well as her breast.  It was enough to catch the attention of the men who walked by her.  They were sizing her up, deciding whether they would care to warm her up from the inside.
      Jules smiled her sexiest, yet most innocent smile. 
     The men liked that, a sexy woman, and an inexperienced girl all in one.  Jules could be both and more; she could be whatever any man wanted her to be.
      “Hi,” she said to one man who eyed her as he walked by.  He continued.
      “Hey baby,” she said to the next, motioning with her hand, inviting him to put something there.  The man eyed her body, drawing her naked lines in his mind. But he didn’t stop either.
      The men kept on walking by, one after another.  She began to worry that she wouldn’t attract another and she would have to spend another night with the creature. 
     She looked down at herself; long slender legs, dress hung short revealing perhaps three-quarter of her thighs.  Her ass looked tight at least felt tight in her hands.  Her breasts although they weren’t big,
were firm and perky.  “What’s wrong?” she wondered.  She couldn’t face another night with the creature; it didn’t do anything, wanted nothing to do with her.  It was so ugly and so strange.  The creature hovered in the corner staring at her behind that featureless face, that eyeless face.  The face that melted away. 
     Always melting away.  The gore that traveled along its shapeless face, Jules shuddered at the thought. 
     She couldn't even remember how she came upon the creature.  How her miserable prayers were answered not by God, [or had they?]  The creature was there and promised her a better life, providing she provides it with souls to devour. 
      "No," she whispered.  Not another night. 
      “Please,” she said to the next man, “won’t you do me?” 
      “I’m free, no charge for tonight.  I’ll let you stick it anywhere, cum anywhere.  Please?”  She shouted along the barren avenue. 
      Jules stood alone in the dark.  There were no more men, they either had all gone home or were warm in bed with their selected whore. 
      She was without number four. 
      Another night with the creature. 
      She turned back to the motel; she walked slowly to the steps, slowly towards the creature.

      “You return empty handed?  I said one more,” the creature said, as it raised its head towards her.
      Jules pouted but said nothing.
      “It’s another night for us then.  You can go when you bring to me four souls for my pleasure.”  The creature floated back into the corner, its body hidden in the shadows.
      “No,” Jules complain.  “It’s been three nights like this.”
      “Like what?” the creature asked as it remained in the shadows.
      “You hide in the corner and leave me here alone.” 
     Jules plopped down on the bed.
      The creature floated from the corner, further than it ever had strayed from the dark.  “You wish my company?”
      Jules looked at the creature; its elongated serpent like body seemed to hold much anticipation to her answer.  “Yes,” she whispered.
      The creature floated far from its confines, out into the room.  The light from the lamp brought it into full view. 
      Jules leaned forward, looking harder at the creature.
      She could almost see a face in the melting mass of gore.  She thought she saw the creature smile. 
      “What would you like,” it asked eagerly.
      Jules scooted back on the bed; leaning up against the headboard she grabbed a pillow and held it in front of her.  “I would like to talk,” she told the creature.
      It floated along side her, coming to rest next to the bed.  Its head moved from her toes, running along her legs, stopping at the little curve where the inner thigh met her privates.  Then it continued over the pillow coming to rest on her face.  “What would you like to talk about?”  The creature asked.
      Jules smiled, “For starters, you can tell me who you are?” 
      “That is an interesting question,” the creature said as it floated closer to the wall.  The creature paced, floating back and forth.  It seemed nervous about its answer.
      “Please, tell me.  Who are you?” she asked again.  The creature stopped, lowering its head as if it were ashamed or even embarrassed.  “I am a demon.  A disciple of Lucifer, the progeny of Hades.”
      Jules squeezed her pillow and laughed aloud, “You?  A demon?”
      This raised the creature’s curiosity as it floated away from the wall.  “Why do you laugh?”
      “Demons are mean and evil, you just float in the corner and I do all your dirty work,” she explained.
      “Oh, but that is where you are mistaken,” the creature said.  “I manipulate you to do my bidding.”
      Jules shook her head thoughtfully, “So you say.” 
      The two were silent; Jules chewed her lower lip as the creature floated next to her.  “So, what kind of demon are you anyway?”  She finally piped up, turning to the creature and smiling gently.
      “I am the demon of lust, the incubus of love.  The faceless emotion, thus I am as I am,” the creature replied.
      Jules nodded.  “So that’s why you have no face.”
      She sat up, then slid to the edge of the bed.  “Why the men, why do you need them?” 
 The creature admired her before turning its attention to her question.  “I need souls to take my place in Hades.  I need four, and as your services have given me I need only one.”
      Jules watched the creature as it admired her.  She dragged her hands seductively up her inner thighs, over the black dress cupping her breast.  “Would you like to see more?” she teased. 
      The creature did not respond, but followed her hands as she ran them up and down her body.  She chuckled, stood and lowered her dress to the floor.  She stood before the demon in only her lacy panties. 
      “Why, why do you try to seduce me?”  The creature floated away from her, turned and floated back to its corner.
      Jules followed the creature; “It’s what I do.  I seduce.  I have sex.  I am a toy for men to use.  I am a whore.”
      The creature turned to her, hidden in the shadows. Again, it spoke as if hopeful, yet improbable.  “I am a demon.  An ugly beast spawned from the belly of hell.”
     Jules chuckled to the creature’s surprise.  “You want ugly,” she said.  “Try being an object of sex to your father and grandfather.  Try going out on a date with the boy of your dreams only to be raped behind the bowling alley by him and two of his friends.  That’s why I’m here,” Jules voice began to crack.  She turned away, wiping the tears that ran from her eyes.
      The creature lowered its head, “I know,” it said.
      Jules turned back to the creature, beckoning it with a coy smile she motioned for the creature to come from the shadows.  “When you leave, I will have no one else, demon or not.”
      The creature floated to her.  It traveled her long curves with its lustful thoughts.  The same thoughts it feeds on, the same thoughts that brings it souls.
      “You like what you see, don't you?”
      The creature nodded.
      Jules swallowed hard.  “Then touch me,” she said as her lids shaded her azure eyes.
      The creature reached out a rachitic hand from beneath its cloak.  Its feeble fingers caressed her supple skin.  The creature shook as if it were a nervous schoolboy.
     Jules opened her eyes; she watched the faceless creature as it toyed with her offerings.  Its touch
was warm, comforting.  Jules enjoyed the tender attention from the gruesome creature.  It was gentle,
attentive, almost loving with her.  Where the men were rude and demanding.  Jules smiled as the creature brought its face to hers.
      “The soul you need, does it have to be male?” she asked.
      The creature shook its head slightly as it continued to concentrate on her flesh.
      “Take me,” she said. 
      The creature stopped and pulled away.
      “Take me,” she repeated.
      “Hades is no place for you,” the creature answered.
      “And this place is.  You know what will become of me.”  Jules walked to the creature, she brushed her hand gently over its cloak.
      The creature lowered its head.  It knew her fate as well.
      Jules removed her panties, tossing them to the floor. She laid down on the bed.  She parted her legs, lying on her back she framed her private area, “Take me,” she insisted.
     The creature floated to the bed and hovered just over her feet.  It lay over her, two, three feet from her trembling body.  The gore from its face leaked over her, like a hot shower the gore smothered her face. 
     She closed her eyes, “Take me,” she cried before pressing her lips tight.
      The creature looked over her tender body, her fine lines, her delicate skin, then lowered itself onto her.  Jules screamed a painful cry, her body convulsed wildly beneath the weight of the creature.  Tears of gore streaked down her face and from her mouth vomited bile and gore.  Her body sank as all the life drained into the bosom of the creature.
      The creature rose, looking down at the hideous heap that was Jules; it doubled over onto the floor. 
     Ejecting from its lungs, the soul of its mate. 
     She floated in the shadows beside her consort.
      Jules face pointed to that of her old face.  It lay  in an unrecognizable heap as her new face wept into an  unrecognizable melting shower of gore.  She was without a face, as was the creature she came to want.
      Jules descended into the belly, hand in hand with the quiet creature that owned her soul.

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