Be it understood that writing reviews is NOT the main function of EOTU Ezine. We are just doing what we can to help spread art in all its forms around as much as possible. Also understand that no one at EOTU or The Clam City News is a professional reviewer, and we don't try to be.

The reason for doing reviews is that through some illogical twist in the Universe some people think that what we say matters. That we have influence, that someone cares what we think. So, okay.

Also, we recognize the importance of review blurb's on book jackets and in advertising, and don't mind providing them 'cause, again, our purpose in the world is to spread art as far as we can.

So, if you're still interested in having your material reviewed,

1)  We review books, music and small press zines (paper only -- we don't want to get into reviewing on-line zines 'cause, being one ourselves, there is a conflict of interest). I suppose we could review other things, but I don't know what they are at this moment. Maybe send us a jar of that salsa you are trying to market.

2) You must send us a hard copy of your book, zine or cd (or tape). We will listen to music on-line if that's where you're at, but we prefer the old fashioned hardware type. We do NOT buy review copies and will not return them unless you provide a self-addressed stamped envelope. We are not responsible for anything sent unsolicited. We're barely responsible anyway.

3) Expect several months to pass before your review appears. If you include an e-mail address we will notify you of the review's appearance.

4) Send materials to:   Larry Dennis, 2102 Hartman, Boise, Idaho 83704.

5) If you have any questions please e-mail Editor, EOTU Ezine.

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