CAUGHT IN A STILL PLACE, by Jonathan Lerner.
(Paperback, 122 pages, available from Serpents Tail, Unit 4, Blackstock Mews, London N4 UK)
       In the middle of last summer when "Caught In a Still Place" appeared in my mailbox it was a pleasant languid read on a hot August afternoon. Slowly turning page to page as the world of characters Julian and Jaydie melted around them, the book was a perfect read of humid Gulf Coast devolution.
    But after the terrorists attacks on the United States of September 11, the book takes on a rather horrific edge.
    "Caught in a Still Place" tells the story of a handful of people left after civilization collapses. Everyone is gone. Everything is gone. Electricity, transportation, communications; there is nothing but the primitive day to day existence of a few people living out their lives in what used to be a tourist town on the Gulf Coast.
    This isn't an action adventure full of explosions and rampant craziness. Author Lerner paces the novel in a steady rhythm, the turning of pages like the turning of days, and he focuses on the emotions and sensitivities of the few people left in the world.
    Beautifully told, richly detailed, "Caught in a Still Place" is a gorgeous, though frightening, read. Delicious in its simplicity. Eerie in it's probability. It has become on of my favorite books. I heartily recommend it.
Larry Dennis
Editor, EOTU Ezine


Manuel "Vanethian" Marino (,
    Manuel "Vanethian"  is a musician from Rome, Italy, who writes and performs electronic music. Not the dance beat electronic stuff, but more along the lines of new age spacy stuff.
    Vanethian says he has secured a contract for the TV series "Echoes of the Past" on the Sci-Fi Channel. Additionally, Vanethian is expected to create the music for an upcoming electronic novel and for a multi-user shared hallucination (MUSH) game. So if you need some spacy background music for your next project.
    The music itself is perfect background music,  sort of a jazzed up Tomita. What Manuel does, he does very well. The music is available from the web site listed above.

Larry Dennis
Editor, EOTU Ezine

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