Yes, we will accept reviews written by people not on the EOTU staff. However, we DO NOT pay for reviews. The main purpose of EOTU Ezine is to publish fiction, art and poetry and we channel our funds toward that. Reviews are here as a service to the creative community, to help spread the word.

So, if you still wish to send us a review of something you've read, listened to, tasted or experienced:

1) You may NOT review your own work.

2) You may NOT have been paid by, or be in the employ of, the artist you are reviewing.

3) Limit reviews to about 200 words max.

4) Send reviews in the body of an e-mail to Editor, EOTU Ezine.

5) Be sure to include your name as you wish it to appear with the review, and any professional credits you wish to appear.

6)  Allow two months for your review to appear.


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