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Lorraine Schein is a New York poet and writer whose work
has appeared in "Semiotexte SF," "StarLine," "Space and Time," and
"Gargoyle." Her fiction has been anthologized in "Memories and
Visions","Tales of Magic Realism by Women" (Crossing Press) and in "Wild Women," ed. Sue Thomas. The Raw Brunettes, her novelette, was published by Wordcraft of Oregon. New work will be forthcoming in "Back Brain Recluse." For more info about Lorraine and how to purchase her books, visit  the literary magazine website of Frigate.

Callie Lorentson-Drageland is a writer from Washington state.   Her work has appeared in "The Red Palm", "Spider", "Wild Outdoor World", and the e-zine, "The Toy Box". 

Joseph D. Greenwood  is an artist from Fresno, California. From the time his hands could hold a pencil he has been scribbling on any little piece of paper he could find. Still today, he scribbles on pieces of paper, only now he is older so he calls it drawing. Always walking the edge between reality and fantasy Joseph experiments with different mediums while trying to express his visions. Most of his work is with acrylics, pastels, prismacolor pencils, pen&ink, charcoal, oils, and digital graphics. His main goal is to capture the essence of his subject, to bring out the unique qualities which exist below the surface, and to bring out the thoughts and emotions behind his work. More of his work is available at his Artworks Gallery.

Nancy Bennett, while not weaving her mystic verse, lives on Vancouver Island where the trees are lovely and the winter is Lonnnngg. 

Pat Dingle is a writer from the U.K.

Margaret B. Simon  teaches art in Florida and freelances writer-poet-illustrator assignments for genre and mainstream publications such as THE EDGE, EXTREMES, Frisson, Space & Time, Dark Regions, Edgar, The Urbanite, Fantasy Magazine, Millenium, and more. She is current president of the SF Poetry Association, edits a column for the HWA Newsletter, "Blood & Spades: Poets of the Dark Side", is HWA Membership Chairman, and contributes a column to Scavenger's Newsletter, "The Art Bin". In short, she's still alive and kickin'!

E.K. Rivera was born and raised in Hawaii, but grew up in New York. Work has appeared on-line in Dark Moon Rising , SpaceWays Weekly, and Peridot Books. Please feel free to visit me at:

Shannon Demick I am a 34-year-old wife, mother, nurse and poet.  I've had three poems published, thus far: Revelations of Childhood, in an anthology called, "The Hush of Moonlight", Winter in "Penny-a-liner", and Young Soldiers in the e-zine, "Poetic Voices".

Toiya Kirsten Finley   "I'm a Ph. D. candidate in literature and creative writing at Binghamton University. I serve as managing editor of Harpur Palate, a multigenre journal, and am co-editor of the work-in-progress In a Nutshell: An Anthology of Speculative Micro Fiction. Recent publications include Aim Magazine, Mosaic, and The Café Irreal. My hobbies are spending way too much time watching cartoons and baseball and writing musical-comedy parodies of classical lit.  I was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, and spend my summers there when I am not masquerading as a professional student."

Jamie Rosen  "Half human, half lemur, Jamie Rosen is currently part of a government-funded experiment in southern Canada to see if an infinitenumber of monkeys really will write the collected works of Shakespeare."The Man of My Fever Dreams" is simply a byproduct of this experiment."

Junior is the ruler of the universe, owner of the world's largest armadillo factory, and a founding father of Names for the Nameless.

Bruce Boston is the author of 28 books and chapbooks, including the novel "Stained Glass Rain" and "best of" fiction collection "Masque of Dreams" (Wildside, 2001). . His stories and poems have appeared in hundreds of publications, including Asimov's SF, Amazing Stories, Realms of Fantasy, Weird Tales, The Twilight Zone, Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, and five Nebula Awards anthologies. His fiction has received a Pushcart Prize and won the Best of Soft Sf Award. His poetry has received many awards, including the  Asimov  Readers Award, the Aboriginal SF Boomerang Award, and a record six Rhysling Awards. In 1999 the Science Fiction Poetry Association honored him with the only Grand Master Award in its 22-year history. His webpage is at Bruce Boston.

Tao Rae Tasmaine is a photographer, poet and short story writer from Saskatchewan.

Deborah P. Kolodji is a native Californian, who deploys her information technology career to fund her poetry habit.  She is a member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association and the California State Poetry Society.  Her work has appeared in Star*Line, Dreams and Nightmares, Tales of the Unanticipated, Electric Wine, Ibn Qirtaiba, and Fables.  Three of her poems were published by Anamnesis Press in the anthology, 2001:  A Science Fiction Poetry Anthology. 

H. Turgid SmithDwelling deep under the damp earth in an Ohiograveyard, H. Turnip Smith  works his way to the surface on stormy nights and leaves parchment copy of his fiction scattered about. That which is not eaten by animals can be accessed on Dogpile under his name.


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