Stephanie Scarborough

Female in Question Finds Her Relationship Consuming

I tried to be sensitive,
  I tried to understand,
But now dear I must ask you
  To stop chewing on my hand.

I didn't think your nibbling
  On my ear would do much harm
Until it turned up missing
  With my leg and foot and arm.

I thought you were just friendly,
  But discovered otherwise
When it wasn't Richard Simmon
  Who was trimming down my thighs.

I love you dearly, darling,
  But I fear this just won't work--
No, it's not your criminal record, love,
  It's just this chewing quirk.

So kiss me one last time dear,
  But not too long, I said,
 For I want to end this love of ours
  While I am still a head.

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