EOTU Ezine Staff Member


Ricky has been a part of the EOTU experience from the very early days. We aren't sure of his true upbringing, he's told us several times but it changes with each telling. We do know that Ricky and Larry first met during the days they were both driving taxi-cab in the mid '80's in Boise, Idaho. Being cab drivers they were both poor, but Larry had an extra bedroom in his trailer house, so Ricky moved in.

Ricky really hasn't had much to do with the zine through the years, but he did keep the place clean (since Larry didn't) and hence, his nickname, Ricky the Janitor.

Ricky was responsible for one of the early paper EOTU's, selecting the stories while Larry was on vacation. That issue, October 1989, featured cover art of little Martians standing on the rim of a toilet bowl looking down as the bowl flushed. The title was "When You Press the Lever the Ocean Goes Out".

Ricky was also responsible for the June 2001 issue of EOTU Ezine, "Ricky's Litterary Journal".

By day Ricky works as a shopping cart wrangler at the Wal-mart up on Overland Road.

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