Matthew J. Hewitt


Within the twilight the two lovers lay hand in hand as with wide curious eyes they gulped in the spectacular site of hundreds of small fire ridden insects, that whirled and twirled lazily all around them. They were mesmerising, hypnotising, they were also rather strange, as unlike ordinary insects they were each and everyone alight with a small flickering flame. This breathtaking performance continued for sometime, with the two lovers searching their memory banks desperately trying to remember such a strange insect from those boring education books that mum and dad and teachers always use to place before them. Abruptly they were torn away from their thoughts and conversations regarding these fire-ridden creatures, as something even more peculiar, which completely freaked the young lovers out, began to happen. The insects in almost a whisper, in total unison, began to sing out in many a small voice, that sounded very much like the lord's prayer. With this eerie sound now resonating all around, the lovers became frozen solid with fear, their bowels began to loosen and their minds and bodies became totally paralysed within a drowning lake of terror. The small insects now swooped down close to the terrified lovers ears, whispering into them a new even more ugly song over and over again “God of the sun, God of the moon, death does approach thee” and with this song still burrowing its way slowly into their frozen consciousnesses, these same insects began too burn with incredible heat chunks of the lovers faces and bodies away from their bones. The insects then with these gory chunks, and an amazing unearthly strength, began slowly to rebuild the bloody dripping pieces bizarrely together, and an abomination began slowly to form suspended in mid air.

An arm where a leg should have been, and a crooked torn toothless face smeared with scarlet gunge hung in the air, and these hideous creatures they now laughed hysterically at what shapes they were forming, as like an insane murdering artist they continued their filthy designs, until eventually after much swapping and changing around of gory pieces they settled on a particular shape, and a silence did fall upon them, as they admired their handy work.

Theirs was miraculously a body of sorts, not resembling a human body in any shape or form, really it was just a mess of body parts with a sort of a head perched on top with parts of the lovers features meshed bloodily together. And with this hideous monster now built, the insects hurried into its gaping mouth, lifting the body high up into the dark skies, where it could be seen far and wide. The insects burned all around and within it, and songs of praise rang out again from these small creatures as they circled all around its head forming a glowing fiery halo beneath the dark depressing skies. And as if in sympathy with the two dead curious lovers, these dark skies began to weep gently.

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