Jennifer Pitcock is a freelance writer and artist whose heart lies in the Fantasy genre but whose need for basic necessities such as food and shelter often lead her down other avenues, such as non-fiction articles and essays, website and logo design, and website content writing, all of which she enjoys inspite of herself. When finances and time permit, she pursues a Bachelor's degree in English (which is nearly finished in theory but probably a few years off in practice), and she also enjoys moonlighting as an amateur musician with a style that combines digital/synthesizer sounds with traditional Celtic, Folk, and Medieval themes. She has a wonderful fiance named Tom, two cute-but-evil Maine Coon cats, and lives somewhere in the vast, bovine-dotted hills of middle Tennessee. For more of Jennifer's work visit White Fantom's Haunt.

Karen R. Porter lives in the Pinelands of southern NewJersey  where she writes, does conservation field work, and takes care of a whole lot of critters.

Kenny Klein is a poet, musician, and photographer/graphics artist. He can play at your renaissance festival, design your website, and write something catchy to say about your choice of fashion. His site is Kenny Klein Design.

Isabelle Ghanah    "I am a free lance writer, poet and astrologer. I have astrology articles in Dell Horoscope Magazine, American Astrology Magazine, Transit, Astroworld, Astroabby, The Astrological Journal, StarIQ, and The Mountain Astrologer; poetry in The Ridgefield Press, The Fairfield Review, Surface Art Magazine and The Copperfield Review; feature articles in Art Times, The Blue Review, and The Llewellyn Journal, and in addition, I have a historical short story set during the American Revolution in The Copperfield Review, reprinted in the Ridgefield Press, and an article for children on Manifest Destiny in the Learning Through History magazine, and I have two science fiction stories at I have my own web page, Isabelle’s Astrology Guide."

Karen A. Romanko's poetry and short stories have appeared in Strange Horizons, Ideomancer, Would That It Were, The Pedestal Magazine, Dreams and Nightmares, and Full Unit Hookup, among others. Her first poetry collection, Raven's Runes: Equations in Time, has just been released by Sam's Dot Publishing, and is available at Project Pulp and Shocklines. She also edits and publishes the specfic and mystery e-zine Raven Electrick (

Elizabeth H. Hopkinson   "I live in a part of the world I tactfully prefer to describe as "Bronte country" and am currently trying to break beyond the cosy confines of fanfic into original fiction.  I recently appeared at Ilkley Literature Festival for 3 minutes!  You can find me at Hidden Grove."

Charles Erb   "I live through my life in trial and error, having graduated from Kutztown University a long time ago and am predisposed to writing anything and everything I feel. I consider myself a Cristo-Druid of the first order and believe in many things."

Heather Pagano  "I live in Turin, Italy, where I teach English, freelance as a translator, and write."

Terrie Leigh Relf  lives in the "arty" community of South Park, in San Diego, CA.  A known insomniac, she has begun to take Melatonin, and hope that it doesn't have adverse affects on her writing.

Chris Simons   "I have been writing for many years and have had novels, short stories and articles published. I live in Cornwall, UK, and many of my stories are set there. Writing is my full-time occupation and I also write as Miranda Terry."

Lida Broadhurst   "My work has appeared in  “EOTU”, “Nemonymous #1”,  "Star*Line”, and many other publications.  My first poetry chapbook, “Into the Beautiful Maze”,  was just published by  Naked Snake press."

Marge Simon freelances as a writer-poet-illustrator for genre and mainstream publications such as Nebula Awards 32, Strange Horizons, Flashquake, The Pedestal Magazine, The Urbanite, Space & Time, Dreams & Nightmares,  Dark Regions, Fantasy Magazine, EOTU, Tales of the Unanticipated, The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, and the anthologies, High Fantastic and Nebula Anthology 32. She edits a column for the HWA Newsletter, "Blood & Spades: Poets of the Dark Side. She is the editor of Star*Line, Digest of the SF Poetry Association. 
     Marge is listed in the Marquis Who's Who 2004.
Her poetry collections include "Eonian Variations", Dark Regions Press, 1995  "Night Smoke", Miniature Sun Press, 2002 and "Artist of Antithesis", Miniature Sun Press, 2003. 
     View more of her works or contact her for assignments at
She is the illustrator for the Bram Stoker winning EXTREMES 2 CD-ROM collection and illustrated this year's Best Poetry Collection, "Consumed, Reduced to Beautiful Grey Ashes" by Linda Addison. 
     In addition to her solo work, Marge also collaborates with her husband, writer-poet Bruce Boston.  Their poems and stories have appeared or are forthcoming in Strange Horizons, Dark Regions, Talebones, Dreams & Nightmares, Star*Line, and Fantasy Commentator. 

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