Charles Erb

Heard in the Awen

About the year 2010 the stone shall find its heart again
Bringing to life those who would rule with light
The brightness of day the darkness of night. 
Upon an old and beaten path,
With owl and eagle, wand and staff.
Those who would believe in tricks of the eye
Will look instead to earth and sky
A yellow moon, a blood red sky
Will leave all too many asking why
And winterís snows will cover with intent
Most of  Europeís inner continent.

It's then that stories from time shall hail and call 
As mirrors dancing in an ancient hall 
And there shall be in worlds apart
Magick and beings and Occidental art
And then the world shall sing a newer song
All the people will want to sing along.

A new age will come with a humble man
Whose duty it is the ages to span
And lay the path for the master of three
The water, the spirit, and the living tree.

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