Nancy Bennett

Pacifying the Serpent Stars


 To pacify the serpent stars
 they send out radio waves
 they bounce off me, harmless, I send them on their way.
 They watch me with long eyes from a terra oasis
 late at night where the city lights won't dull their view
 in the distance howls the wolf, she who knows...

 I linger outside the milky way,
 drawing in the rays from the morning bleeding of a rising sun
 starfire from my finger tips
 I spread out and touch all those who seek
  the serpent in the stars.

 I become the serpent, changing my skin.
  shedding old notions
 erupting into a new millennium I whirl my spiral dance
  coiling in and out and constricting in space
  expanding when they least expect it, I am .
  the white diamond, who cuts through the lies,
  I am the serpent in the tree
 I offer the  knowledge left dangling in front of me
  and I am not afraid of being removed

 for I am a serpent star, intermingling with dreams
I sought the milk from the milky way and like my cousin dragon
  I was lulled into sleep
 but now after millennia, I have awoken.
 Heralding the  day when all that we reach for
   shall not be forbidden.


Background by Grapholina.