guerrillavid inc. 

Mike Allen

the revolution started when one VidBardTM
too many earned LectroShock® greetings
for contaminating too much InfoCorp NewsProductTM
with truth. The cortexwipes weren't perfect:
a damaged handful remembered their torture,
and what their tormentors said while they hung
upside down amid the muffled machines:
never repel the newsflow from the Positive Pole,
never displease those who own the words.

now the newsowners shriek and tear out
NuHairTM implants as words they don't own
sabotage the bandwidths, bursts of rebellion
interrupting soothing streams of AllIsWell®.
Bunkered down beneath the cities, always moving,
the GuerrillaVaders jam and plug in:  we interrupt
this download to scoop the BullShot from
your happied brains, expose the muck beneath
the newsflow gold, show you What's Really HappeningTM

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