Michael Levy

Swirls of emptiness
circle the dawn of time & space,
Thoughts enshrined in galaxies
infuse creations with........ data darts,

Nebula dances with new born stars.
Explosions of delight
relieve a pregnant pause,

In Solar bursts of gravitational might.

Labors of Love
form Stardust Clusters,

Imagination feasts on Intelligent energies,

Time powers wisdom ......stardust convenes an assembly.
Beyond Miracles,
Beyond the Beyond
and further still,

Infinity in the Grasp
of sublime........spiritual free-will.
He and She Shells
meet on Celestial Shores,
Light years apart,
attached by effect and cause,

Magnetism infuse shapes..... carved by Infinite Laws,
Supermarkets of the Cosmos,
Virtual Information Stores.

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