Kenny Klein is a poet, musician, and photographer/graphics artist. He can play at your renaissance festival, design your website, and write something catchy to say about your choice of fashion. His site is Kenny Klein Design.

Wolf Larsen  has lived in Chicago, Wisconsin, New York City, Ecuador, Honduras, Brazil, and Peru.  He worked as a seasonal laborer in Unalaska, Alaska for twelve years. Wolf's book of poetry, Eulogy for the Human Race, is now available at bookstores, and via his website

7ARS is an artist/writer living in NE Pennsylvania, and has been published both online and in print. She is co-editor of Sam's Dot Publishing's poetry magazine, Scifaikuest.

Joshua Idehen lives in London, England, and is in his second year of creative writing.

Caroline Moore is a 20-something studying new media at the University of Maine, but photography is her true passion.  Her photos explore the transformation of personal space into dark landscapes of life. For more of her work visit Six Hours.

Ann K. Schwader lives and writes in Westminster, CO.  Her poetry has most recently appeared in Mythic Delirium, Magazine of Speculative Poetry, The Formalist, and elsewhere.  Find out more at

Holly Day has had poetry, fiction, and nonfiction appear in Canadian Woman Studies, Skyway News, and Ruah. She currently works as a reporter and a writing instructor in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and lives with her two children and husband.

W.K. Taccic hails from the American heartland, and became a  fiction writer so he could lie for a living without resorting to politics  or mass-media styled 'journalism'. His name has been changed not so much  with innocence in mind, but rather to confuse his creditors.

Dee Rimbaud is an artist and writer, living in Glasgow, Scotland, but will soon be packing his bags and heading off to sunnier climes.  He is author of two full-length collections of poetry and one novel: ‘The Bad Seed’ (Stride, 1998), ‘Dropping Ecstasy With The Angels (Bluechrome, 2004), and ‘Stealing Heaven From The Lips Of God’ (Bluechrome, 2004).  His art and writing have appeared in hundreds of print and internet magazines worldwide.  He is editor of The Book Of Hopes And Dreams and The AA Independent Press Guide (a free online guide to thousands of print and internet  literary magazines). Further information on all of these can be found at his website: 

Spencer Troxell lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife and Children. He’s 23.

Helen Buckingham   "Born in London in 1960, I now live in Bristol (in the South West of England). My poetry has been published on both sides of the Atlantic, appeared on BBC Radio, and been performed live in venues ranging from Jesters Comedy Club in Bristol to the crypt of Coventry cathedral."

Liza Perrat is an Australian freelance writer, English teacher and translator living in Lyon, France. Her short stories are regularly published in small press magazines and she has won several short story competitions. She is currently searching for an agent for her first novel, a psychological thriller set in rural France.

Colin Sutherland is an Archaeologist from New Zealand, who spends the months in between excavations writing short stories.  He has never met a Mime.

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