Wolf Larsen

 I turn your husband into the blue sky 

so he can watch our bodies creating the moon and the mountains together, I want to give you six billion people smiling at you with all my love for you, I erase every border in the world for you,  I give you God kneeling at your feet reciting all my poems for you, I want to give you the continent of Europe swelling in your body with all our love and lust and flesh swirling in the night sky together, I give you God's power of creation in your hands so that you can make the world florescent  with our love-making, I give you every smiling sunny day and place it into your heart, I give you all the women in the world singing in a chorus around us as we make love, I place into your hands every mosque, every church, every synagogue so that every night we will make love in the most beautiful temples in the world,  I give you every man in the world as our personal eunuch serving us grapes and wine, I give you every musician painting the world with all our happiness, and I will wrap my arms around you until there is no more world, until the stars have ceased to exist, until the entire continent melts and flows into you, and we will smile extravagantly all the way to union station, and you will return to your home in the suburbs, and your husband will ask you how your day went?

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