by Kurt Vonnegut
Stage Coach Theatre

    This was the first play I ever directed. And this is the only photo I have of the event. It's Wanda June in the dressing room getting ready to go on.
    "Happy Birthday, Wanda June" is a Kurt Vonnegut play, and as such is basically weird. It's about a big game hunter, Harold Ryan,  whose plane crashes into a South American jungle. He is lost for about 7 years and one day he just pops back into his wife's life and apartment.
    She's dating two men, a weak, liberal Doctor and a vacuum cleaner salesman. Harold, of course, claims her again as his property.
    He has a 12 year old son, whose birthday it is. Everyone has forgotten about that, what with Harold coming back and all, so the boy throws a fit. They decide to give him a party, but the only cake they can find at the bakery says "Happy Birthday, Wanda June" on it. Wanda June was a young girl who was killed earlier that day, her birthday, when she was hit by an ice cream truck.
    That's basically it, except that all the people Harold Ryan killed, or were just affected by him in life, are now up in heaven where they've formed the "Harold Ryan Fan Club".

  Larry's Theater