The work of Sandy Deluca is scattered throughout the universe. It has appeared  in a variety of places, including on-line and in print.  Her e-book, "Paths of Destiny" is  coming out from Double Dragon Publishing sometime over the summer. It's a poetry and short story collection. Also, her novel "Settling In Nazareth", with her own cover art, will be released through December Girl Press shortly.  Her poetry chapbook, "A BURIAL PLOT IN SAGITTARIUS" is available from THIEVIN  KITTY PUBLICATIONS and  received several recommendations for the BRAM STOKER FOR POETRY AWARD. Other than that Sandy says she's  been painting up a storm and working on another novel. More of Sandy's work can be seen at Sandy DeLuca.

Mike Allen has work published in a variety of places including "Dreams and Nightmares" and "The Curbside Review." Mike keeps himself busy by being editor of Mythic Delirium. To experience more of the Mike Allen experience visit his website, Descent into Light.

Santiago Iborra is an artist from Spain who actiely draws for RPGs around the world. His webiste is at Quellion.

Ian Stuart is  a writer/performer living in York, one of the oldest and most historic cities in the United Kingdom. He loves his wife, his kids, his cats and his Mac- probably in that order. He welcomes feedback to
his work at

Allyson M. W. Dyar is 47 and resides in Portland, OR where she shares a house with her husband of 21 years, Dafydd, roommate Kurt Roithinger, and intrepid feline, Toby. This story is part of the Nexus Chronicles in the Galactic Confederation universe. You can find out more by accessing Space Station Nexus, which contains a story index, timeline, character profiles, glossary, and other goodies.

J. Alan Brown is a writer living in North Texas whose work has previously appeared in Byline.

Reid Baer is an award-winning writer in journalism, theater and poetry whose work has appeared in a variety of publications, including Seeker Magazine, Stick Your Neck Out, New
Writer, Wellspring Journal, Reflections and Pig Iron Malt. Reid was a recent winner in the Kota Press Anthology contest. Reid is also editor of A Man Overboard.

Sonja Haskins works in pencil and colored pencil on bristol. She is currently writing a vampire novel that she plans to illustrate. Her work has appeared in several places including Galph and Tapestry magazines. More of Sonja's art can be seen on her website. SJH Studios.

Bruce Boston  is the author of 30 books and chapbooks, including the novel "Stained Glass Rain" and "best of" fiction collection "Masque of Dreams " (Wildside, 2001). His stories and poems have appeared in hundreds of publications, including Asimov's SF, Amazing Stories, Realms of Fantasy, Weird Tales, The Twilight Zone, Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, and five Nebula Awards anthologies. His fiction has received a Pushcart Prize and won the Best of Soft Sf Award. His poetry has received many awards, including the  Asimov  Readers Award, the Aboriginal SF Boomerang Award, and a record seven Rhysling Awards. In 1999 the Science Fiction Poetry Association honored him with the only Grand Master Award in its 22-year history. Some of his fiction is available at Fictionwise. His webpage is at Bruce Boston.

Charlie DeVico is an artist from North Carolina. "My works are an ongoing process. Pulling in an incestuous amount of data, mix-matching and a spewing forth with either a precise architect or an automated response from my surroundings. I have no formal training but a passion for collecting and implementing data outside it's intended function." Charlie'w website is Felinia.

Brutal Dreamer says she loves slurping grape Tootsie Pops, writing/reading, and cinnamon vanilla latte's with coolwhip and chocolate sprinkles. 

Lizzy Marie Shumate is a 13 year old artist who has already started a promising career in illustration, having just been hired as illustrator for SDO Detective Ezine .

Karl C. Johnson has been a freelance writer since 1990.  His first publication was in the Prison Fellowship Ministry's national newspaper, INSIDE JOURNAL. Since then, his work has appeared in THE PORTLAND OREGONIAN, THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, PRISON LIFE MAGAZINE, BOISE WEEKLY, THE BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY ARBITER, and THE TOASTMASTER MAGAZINE. Karl's poetry earned honorable mention in the 1997 WRITER'S DIGEST annual writing competition. Karl is 42 years old, lives with his parents, and is myopic.  His hobbies include self depreciation, advanced sarcasm, community theatre and WarZone 2100.

Nancy Bennett, while not weaving her mystic verse, lives on Vancouver Island where the trees are lovely and the summer is magic.

Helena Anderson "Art, music and literature have long been an active part of my life. I have long admired the Pre-Raphaelites of 19th century England, who were rebelling against the ugliness of the Industrial Age. Sometimes I feel as though I am rebelling against the coldness of the Information Age. I paint with watercolor because I love its flowing, watery, almost intuitive nature. One can control watercolor, yet it retains its own unpredictable nature. Like life." Helena's art is available at her website. Helena Anderson.

Joan Brown is an Oregon writer whose work appeared in the original paper EOTU, back in the good old days.

Daniel J. Bishop is an artist and writer living in Toronto, Canada.  His work has appeared in numerous places, including Strange Horizons, Cthulhu Sex, Jackhammer, Fables, Cyber Age Adventures, and Ideomancer.  He is also a partner in Golden City Comics and iHero .

Keith Sikora is a writer & artist living in northern California with his wife, Beth, cats, Taz, Murphy & Korky and Risse, their Jack Russel terrier. Keith's first collection of poetry, "Voices of Light" was published by Tiger Moon Press in 2001.    His work in print has been in several anthologies & in Aoife's Kiss, Cotyldon, Futures, Scavenger's Newsletter & The Threshold. Online his work's appeared in Aoife's Kiss, Champagne Shivers, Expressions, Midnight Selections, The Fifth Di... & Tribal Soul Kitchen.

T. Santitoro, aka 7ARS, is an artist/writer living in NE Pennsylvania. She has been published in fanzines like Challenger and FOSFAX as well as the print magazine, Futures. Online her work has appeared in The Martian Wave and Star Leaper.

Wayne H. W. Wolfson  is a California based author. He recently collaborated with Boston based producer/composer Grenadier on the CD "The Last Martini". For more information on Wayne visit Terrible Beauty and for more information on the CD visit The Last Maritini.

Durlabh Singh I am an artist resident in London, England and have widely exhibited including London, Paris, New York, Helsinki, India and Kenya. My work is in both private and public collections. My aim is to revitalize contemprary paintings with new expressions.

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