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In a vague sense he felt her presence, a friendliness and closeness they shared, the man she needed, but most of all, the anticipation lingered in him. This mood was so powerful that he could not contain a hearty smile. He dropped his bare tanned legs into the waters, swishing the waters over his feet.

Where is she? he said to himself. He had many times before felt this overjoyed feeling within his body, but he had never before felt this ache in his heart. He enjoyed the commanding sensation he felt beating in his chest as he breathed rapidly. The warm, sunny August day seemed to him keenly stimulating, and the sweet scent of the lush foliage around the creek invigorated him sending tingles of chills down his neck from the chilled water. The scent on his face struck him as intensely pleasurable. Everything he saw, the ripples in the transparent waters, the pebbles and stones, everything in the ardent air, in the twilight of the faint sunset, was as fresh, as jovial, and as powerful as he was himself: the soft crimsony beams streaking through the lush trees, the waters evenly sweeping over the pebbles. The creek glistening as if freshly varnished.

He had envisioned her, stirring some feelings and desires that he had endeavored to conceal --but her flaxen hair, her gleaming blue eyes, that pale milky-white skin prompted him of his craving. He knew if he was just patient, and if he really believed, she'd emerge from the silky waters as she had done the night before, as if a dream come true.

The waters parted, her head pushed forth and he drank her vision and felt the smile widen across his face. He felt real serenity for once, he knew mellow splendor. The waters shimmered on her pale skin like bright diamonds. He wiped his face with his hands, and peered through his fingertips unsure if he was dreaming or not. The waters sloshed, her body slowly moved toward him as the waters slowly moved below her neck, exposing a black strap and pale skin with some cleavage. His eyes widened and his heart began to race inside his own head. It seemed to be eternity for her to amble toward him, as if in slow motion and a race against time, she never faltered to slowly keep her stride. The waters beat around her hips then her knees, she stood before him.

His hands trembled reaching out to touch her, fearing she'd disappear if he did. In amazement he raised his head, and stared.

"Hello, Darling, hello." she spoke, patting his leg dangling in the waters; the prickling of goosebumps danced across her fingertips.

"How nice of you to come," he said embracing her with his legs, wrapped around her waist. She smiled at his warm gesture, and continued to gaze about his body.

He slowly slid off the side of the creek bed and entered the waters with her. Bending her left hand, she rested it upon his shoulder, and rhythmically they waltzed over the slippery pebbles in tune to the soft current brushing over them.

He pictured her as his princess in a fairytale, at a ball, whom all faces in the room melted with jealousy over. The image, now so real; she dissolved in his strong arms and her face dropped to his chest. He felt his heart beat on her cheek, his manhood swelling as he pressed against her. Pulling her closer, he lifted her in the waters and her legs wrapped around his waist, straddling him. He felt her swollen, her breasts stimulated. He wondered if it were due to the chilled waters or him. He hoped the latter. Although, he didnít mind, the hardened nipples through the silky material drove him into utter pleasure --relishing the firmness against him.

His masculine hand slid down her back to her thighs. He felt the softness of the back of her legs and moaned, he felt she was excited. From the corner of his greenish gray eyes he noticed her shimmering blue eyes glisten with soft silent tears. He reached up with his wet hand, waved off the waters from his fingertips and wiped the tear from her eye. He whispered in her ear and lowered her to the shallow waters and laid her down. Her back arched and her blonde hair fanned out in the waters. He pushed her swimsuit to the left and gazed about her. His mouth watered, his eyes drank in her and lifted her hips with the flats of his hand and pulled her upon him, fitting himself slowly inside her. She lightly whimpered, her back arched more, her breasts exposed themselves through the swimsuit as he pulled the straps off her shoulders.

Her aroused nipples incited his lips to meet them. She deliberately opened her mouth and licked her lips seductively; dragging her tongue across the bottom lip and then lightly biting it as his lips clamped around her nipple. Her face expressed bliss as he ground himself into her, deeper and harder, with his mouth warmly wrapped around her breasts, his stubbly beard scratching against her cleavage as he moved from breast to the other. He leaned upward and began to grind more. The waters sashayed over her body with each thrust, with each silky moan she expelled he held her legs firmly around him then pulling them to his shoulders and positioning his legs on the hard creek bed he rested inside her. Chills ran over her body and ecstasy washed over her.

He watched her face cast off blissful smiles, he felt her spasm upon him, she shoved against him hungrily.

She looked up at him, his face innocent, but a devilish smile knowing he had enraptured her. She grinned evilly and whispered: "Thank you, darling."

He stood up, her face touched his stomach, her hands enveloped themselves around the backs of his thighs. She looked up at him, her eyes hungry, she licked her mauve lips and moistened them. She felt his body tremble toward her face, his firmness and fullness rubbed her lips and separated them widening. He pushed himself into her warm mouth, groaning, he felt her soft puffs of breaths upon him. His head dropped forward as hers lifted upward, with him inside her mouth, she smiled as he went in deeper. Her tongue swirled over the top and back down the sides repeatedly.

He whispered, and sighed. His voice cracked, small broken words his chin quivered and she sucked on him harder holding tightly on to his legs. Her right hand slid between his thighs and rested upon him, lightly clutching and massaging, and stoking his firmness about her lips. She danced back and forth on him and he held her head in his hands and pushed deeper.

She felt him hitting the backs of her mouth as she tasted some sweet juices flow. His roars echoed through the watery creek. He squirted deep inside her mouth, as she sucked harder she felt his warm liquids quenching her dry throat in sweetness. She gazed up, with him still in her mouth, she let him fall from her mouth and swallow what was left in her mouth, then lick him, and sucking more from him.

His legs quaked in the chilled waters, with each draw she took.

His barbaric groan, aroused her. She stood up and smiled a devious smile, yet innocently showing him how special he was to her. Her prince, the king of the waters, she lifted her swimsuit the rest the way off her body until she was completely nude. She swam beneath the water and past him. He looked for her, in the deeper and murky waters. His heart raced, and he wondered where she went.

He felt a tug on his leg and looked below and saw her face looking up at him and her breasts and sharpened nipples, with the paleness of her back and legs flittering behind her.

A warm smile brewed in him and he lifted her up from the waters. He held her as her legs wrapped around him. He felt the swollenness of her pressed against his stomach as she squirmed around on him, rubbing herself against him slowly. She had her hands draped in his hair and her lips met his neck. He felt her gentle breath panting against his neck, then a silky swipe of her tongue and a firm sucking. She kissed his neck, and ran her tongue to his ears. Sending a new wave of chills over his body, he moaned and growled at her.

She felt his growl vibrate against her, pressing her breasts firmly against him, the waters beat against his body. She felt the current beneath her feet, tickling her toes. She nestled her lips on his ear and whispered: "I love you, handsome."

He smiled, holding her, he walked the creek to the shore. He pointed to the right, through the trees.

She looked as far through them as she could. She saw a little cabin, with front porch and swing. Her heart danced. He carried her to the cabin, opening the door, it creaked and within his arms he carried her to the bed. There upon the bed was the most romantic surrounding.

A tray with two glasses, wine, and book awaited her. He laid her nude cold body down upon the soft bed and laid upon her.

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