Robin M. Powers is a writer from Colorado. "Amazon of Mercy" is her first published work.

Kenny Klein is a poet, musician, and photographer/graphics artist. He can play at your renaissance festival, design your website, and write something catchy to say about your choice of fashion. His site is Kenny Klein Design.

Darren Speegle's short fiction has appeared in some fifty publications, including Fangoria's Frightful Fiction,, Underworlds, and Chiaroscuro. Look for future tales in Verte Brume: The Anthology of Absinthe, Best of Horrorfind 2, The Decay Within, Would That It Were, and Fresh Blood. Visit his website Darrin Speegle. Darren resides in Germany.

Kelli A. Wilkins  " I recently won first prize in the short fiction category in the Weird Tales World Horror Con fiction contest. I was a runner-up in the 2002 Galleria-Eros short story competition, and I won second place in the short story category at the 2003 Philadelphia Writer's Conference. My short stories have appeared in The Owen Wister Review, The First Line, The Sun, and Gaslight: Tales of the Unsane, and will be in a future issue of Weird Tales." 

Neal Litherland is a poet and artist whose work can be seen at Neal Litherland.

Tobias Seamon was nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize last year, and has had  writing appear at such places as McSweeney's, The Mississippi Review, Stirring, Strange Horizons, and Unlikely Stories, with work forthcoming soon at Things Magazine and Locus Novus. A contributing writer with the Web-based magazine The Morning News, Tobias lives in upstate NY and co-edits Whalelane, an online journal of the arts.

Kryssi Wyckoff Martin   Over a decade ago,  (back in the paper days of EOTU)  we were the first to  publish one of  Kryssi's poems. And now,  many issues and poems later, life has circled around and here we are working with Kryssi again. We are tickled.

Ann K. Schwader's latest dark poetry collection, Architectures of  Night, was published this spring by Dark Regions Press.   Her mostly Lovecraftian fiction collection, Strange Stars & Alien Shadows, is forthcoming from Lindisfarne Press.

Lee Cushing writes with a morbid joie de vivre rarely seen outside the ranks of necrophile grave diggers.  Her short stories have appeared in various nooks and crannies of the web, including Horrorfind, Savage Night, and The Swamp. Lee recently received her first print anthology acceptance, and is author of a popular weblog, "Lee Cushing's Second Puberty" (posted daily on the Medium Rare Books' "Quiet Room" message board). She is in the midst of relocating to Louisville, Kentucky with her two partners and three pets ( a burmese python, a poodle, and a black cat). Lee welcomes fan feedback at

Lida Broadhurst  "Suddenly, words jump into my head, race through my bones, set my feet tapping. Sometimes my fingers shape them into visions on paper or screen. Some of them have appeared in “EOTU”, “Nemonymous #1”, “Mythic Delirium”, "Star*Line”, and many other publications. This is true “California dreamin’”.

Cathy Buburuz  Canadian writer Cathy Buburuz resides on the Saskatchewan prairie where she serves as the editor of Chamapgne Shivers, The Transylvania Times, and the Expressions newsletter.  She invites EOTU readers to visit her sites (NOTE FROM ED. We encourage you to visit, too). A listing of all the cool things Cathy is into is at Champagne On Ice.  Be sure to take advantage of the free ad space and links for writers and editors.

Canadian writer, artist and musician Randy Nakoneshny will soon be published in Beyond Centauri and The Translylvania Times.  His work has also appeared in Champagne Shivers Magazine.  Randy will soon leave for China where he plans to teach English to kids.

James C. Wardlaw, born in Fresno California in 1951, was, from a young age, interested in writing and telling stories, especially horror and suspense.  He has written many short stories and published numerous technical papers in professional journals.  His short story, THE SNOWSTORM, was published in the prestigious anthology, AMERICA'S BEST SHORT FICTION in 2001 and his book DRACUL - THE VAMPIRE RETURNS published in 2002 was recommended for the Bram Stoker Award.  In 2003 his poem "THE OTHER SIDE OF NOWHERE" was included in Facing Faces 2003, a web site for the prevention of violence and child abuse.  James also has had several short stories published on and submissions to Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine.  He is Senior Associate Editor for Dark Animus Magazine.  His short story collection, POOLS OF DREAMS, illustrated by Marcia Borell and Russell Dickerson, will be published soon.  He resides in Sparta, Tennessee. You can visit his website at James C. Wardlaw.

Marcia A. Borell is a dreamer who likes to give the dream tangible form. She is a collector of all odds and ends, an illustrator, metalsmith, fiber artist, painter, printmaker, graphic artist, writer, poet, and seeker of endless possibilities. 
     She has received awards for computer graphics, illustrations, fibers and metalsmithing.  Her work has been exhibited at many art shows and galleries.
     She currently is the Artist in Resident for Dark Animus Magazine.  She is a staff artist for Wicked Hollow, Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine (FMAM), and Sam's Dot Publishing.  In the last three years her illustrations have appeared as covers and interior illustrations for Spellbound, Hadrosaur Tales, Glyph, and Whispers from the Shattered Realm, and several chapbooks.  She has received the Publisher's Choice award for her current cover and interior illustrations for FMAM.
     She  has published stories in and Sam's Dot Publishing, Cyber Pulp's annual Haloween e-zine 2003, and many other small press magazines and e-zines.
     She will appear as illustrator in the soon to be published "Pools of Dreams" a collection of visceral horror and the macabre by author James C. Wardlaw.

Derek Robinson Derek is just beginning on his journey to becoming a rich and famous writer. He works during the day with computers in order to pay the bills.

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