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Andrew Penland  is an artist living in Concord, North Carolina, who works in a variety of media, ranging from crayons to digital. More of Andrew's work can be seen at The Oddity Factory.

Randy Chandler was a contributor to the paper EOTU, his story "3-D" appeared in the Feb. '88 issue and was republished in ALPHA GALLERY. His novel "DUET FOR THE DEVIL" (co-authored with t. Winter-Damon) was nominated for the 2000 Stoker Award for Best First Novel.

James S. Dorr an active member of HWA and SFWA with more than 130 stories and novelettes published, including appearances in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, New Mystery, TomorrowSF, Gothic.Net, Horrorfind.Com, Cemetery Dance, Faeries (France), Lore, Enigmatic Tales, and such anthologies as Darkside: Horror for the Next Millennium, Gothic Ghosts, New Mythos Legends, and, forthcoming, Children of Cthulhu, Tales From the Teeth Park, Darkside II:  The Darker Side, The Witching Hour, Chillers, and the Book of Black Miracles.  I have also been a technical writer, an associate editor on a city magazine, and a semi-professional musician.

kiyotei is an internationally published artist who claims to be 287.583 dog years old. His work can be seen at Kiyotei's Den.

Bruce Boston is the author of 28 books and chapbooks, including the novel "Stained Glass Rain" and "best of" fiction collection "Masque of Dreams " (Wildside, 2001). His stories and poems have appeared in hundreds of publications, including Asimov's SF, Amazing Stories, Realms of Fantasy, Weird Tales, The Twilight Zone, Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, and five Nebula Awards anthologies. His fiction has received a Pushcart Prize and won the Best of Soft Sf Award. His poetry has received many awards, including the  Asimov  Readers Award, the Aboriginal SF Boomerang Award, and a record six Rhysling Awards. In 1999 the Science Fiction Poetry Association honored him with the only Grand Master Award in its 22-year history. His webpage is at Bruce Boston .

Tim Boucher works as a teacher and creative director at a computer training company in Baltimore, MD. The computer is his weapon of choice for numerous and varied forays into modern culture.  His digital art was recently published in Spectrum 8, the leading sci-fi illustration annual. He also just finished recording an album of electronic music. 'I think it's really important for people to touch and be touched by media. Pop culture is the modern repository for all the magic and myths of the human subconscious,' asserts Boucher. 'Everyone today has a miniature personalized culture that we wear and take with us all the time - And when we find other people whose personal culture intersects in some meaningful way with ours, good things happen." For more of Tim's work visit his website. Tim Boucher.

Carol MacAllister    "Recently, I've had a story in the TerrorTales on-line Anthology, "Who Killed the Easter Bunny", and also their award-wining Christmas Anthology, "I'm Dreaming of a Black Xmas," a short story in the trade paperback, "Strangewood Tales,"  and a short story in the anthology, "Cemetery Sonata," and a story in the upcoming "Chicken Soup For the Romantic Soul." A recent horror poem that appeared in Flesh & Blood magazine has been mentioned in "The Years' Best Horror and Dark Fantasy for 2001."

Linda Plaisted  "I am a classically trained painter, photographer and fine artist and I am thrilled to add digital technology to my artist's toolkit. I often employ technology to transform my photography, paintings, drawings and found objects into images of complex beauty. " For more of Linda's work visit her website. Manymuses Studio.

Aram Wool will be a freshman majoring in mathematics at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks this fall.  He was awarded 1st place in the 5th annual Fairbanks Arts Association's poetry contest.  He can be contacted by email at:

Lynne Jamneck is a writer and artist from South Africa. Her work has appeared in a variety of places, including The Canadian Magazine of Science Fiction Television.

Lee Battersby    "I am a 31 year old living in Huntingdale, Western Australia, with a wife and a baby that'll be born within in the next half a week or so. My stories have appeared in Alien Q e-zine and Australian Woman s Day, and have been sold to Orb Speculative Fiction and Aurealis SF magazines. I placed third in the March 2001 quarter of the "L Ron Hubbard s Writers of The Future" competition. My hobbies include reading books about babies, and collecting as many Goon Show LPs as I can get my hands on."

GAK continues his quest for world domination with. "This month's coolest mention in the press goes to . . . Publishers Weekly . . . finally a mainstream mag printing the dreaded name of GAK . . . and probably the coolest mention of all, the June 2001 issue of Fangoria where GAK is mentioned along side such greats as Clive Barker, Bernie Wrightson, Roger Corman and scores of others! Can WORLD DOMINATION be far behind?" You can see more of GAK's work at GAK.

Laura Roberts is a writer from New York City who has been previously published at the now defunct Miss Girl , as well as Ben Brown's Uber , but continues to maintain that all of that was just a warm-up.  She is currently working on a novel, as well as her monthly contribution to the e-zine world, A Baggie Full O' Crack .

The work of Sandy Deluca is scattered throughout the universe. It has appeared  in a variety of places, including on-line and in print. She recently illustrated the stories in THE RED, RED ROBIN PROJECT, an anthology consisting of 17 stories and the efforts of sixty writers. Also, her poetry chapbook, "A BURIAL PLOT IN SAGITTARIUS" has been released from THIEVIN  KITTY PUBLICATIONS and has already received several recommendations for the BRAM STOKER FOR POETRY AWARD. More of Sandy's art can be seen at Sandy DeLuca Illustrations.

JD Nelson  is a Fine Artist living and writing in Metro Denver, Colorado. When he's not crafting his poetry, he lends his vocal and lyrical talents to an extremely loud band which is between names. His poems appear in the web journals Unlikely Stories, Spent Angel Press, remark and Fluid Ink Press. In 2002, his work will appear in Dirty Pigeon Press, Joey and the Black Boots, Pogonip, Thunder Sandwich, Snow Monkey, Plain Brown Wrapper, The Dream People, sidereality and The Shadow Show. He is a loyal fan of the Denver Nuggets of the National Basketball Association. Reach him at:

John Broussard  Born in Cambridge Mass in 1924. AB Harvard '49. MA and Ph.D. University of Washington. College teacher for 20 years. Reviewer: non-fiction for Bibliophilos; mystery/suspense books for I Love a Mystery; books and videotapes for The American Association for The Advancement of Science. Over a hundred short stories recently sold. Books: "MANA" Pulsar Books . ISBN 1-58697-206-5 (print) and ISBN 1-58697-892-4-2 (electronic). "DEATH OF THE TIN MAN'S WIFE" ISBN 0-9713660-2-0 and "THE LEFT HAND OF DEATH", ISBN 0-9713660-5-5  by Hand Held Crime .  DEATH OF A DEVELOPER to be published in July by Hand Held Crime.

ArtGekko attended art school at Webberlane Dynamics throughout most of the 1980's and finally graduated in '91 with a degree in Applied Crayon. While at Webberlane, Artgekko befriended the school janitor,  a young snippet of a man named Ricky, and learned from this new friend the secret of life. Unfortunately, that learning occured early in the evening and by mid-dawn of the next day the pair had consumed copious amounts of Pepsi and Ho-Ho's, and the secret of life was lost to Artgekko. Still, Artgekko searchs for meaning. You can see the visual representations of that search at ARTGEKKO's GRAPHIC GALLERY.

Franklin Dement is a writer who lives in San Francisco and has previously been published many places including and The San Francisco Bay Guardian.  He is currently working on poetry and short fiction in the hopes that he can someday journey to a place free of appointments, deadlines, and pesky day jobs.

Carrie Haber broke her leg at the age of two, interrupting most of her fledgling physical processes for a good long time. She compensated for the handicap by mouthing off, and has entertained herself with words ever since. She is currently twenty-seven years old and lives in Montreal with her cello, punk rock records, daughter, and Dan.

Jane Gwaltney dabbles in a blurred genre mix of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. Psychological horror seems determined to predominate so she finds it wise to obey. Jane is co-editor of  an ezine which refuses to go away, Tribal Soul Kitchen , which has revealed the full meaning of horror. Samples of her writing and artwork are featured there. Her work has also appeated in other zines, including, Dreams and Nightmares, Racer X, Enigma, Frightwriter, and Mothering Magazine.

John Newmark  is a writer of poetry, creative non-fiction, science-fiction, and fantasy, John Newmark is a native of St. Louis, Missouri.  His work has appeared several places online, including his own website. Peanut Butter. He performs his poetry at local open-mics and during the day is often surprised to discover he is a computer programmer.

G.W. Thomas lives in Central British Columbia. His work has appeared in over 150 different magazines and books including THE BARE BONE ANTHOLOGY, STRANGEWOOD TALES and GOTHIC.NET. His story "Nano-Hunk" received the Zine Guild Award in 2000. For a greater G.W. experience visit The Weird Tales of G.W. Thomas.

Nancy Bennett, while not weaving her mystic verse, lives on Vancouver Island where the trees are lovely and the summer is magic. 

Renata Ratajczyk is an internationally acclaimed photographer and a digital
artist specializing in photo illustration, fashion and fine art portraiture. In her distinctive dream-like and visionary images she often merges reality with a fantasy world. Originally from Warsaw, Poland, she has been living and working in Toronto, Canada, the past several years. Renata's work has been published in a variety of books, magazines (several covers), on CDs, in calendars, on posters, greeting cards, postcards, as well as it has been used in advertising. Please visit her website. Light Vision.

Margaret B. Simon  teaches art in Florida and freelances writer-poet-illustrator assignments for genre and mainstream publications such as THE EDGE, EXTREMES, Frisson, Space & Time, Dark Regions, Edgar, The Urbanite, Fantasy Magazine, Millenium, and more. She is current president of the SF Poetry Association, edits a column for the HWA Newsletter, "Blood & Spades: Poets of the Dark Side", is HWA Membership Chairman, and contributes a column to Scavenger's Newsletter, "The Art Bin". In short, she's still alive and kickin'!

Kenny Klein is a poet, musician, and photographer/graphics artist. He can play at your renaissance festival, design your website, and write something catchy to say about your choice of fashion. Otherwise he is rather inconsequential. His site is:

Anastasia Clark is the proud mother of a 19 year old daughter, 14 year old son- and grandmother to a very precious baby granddaughter! She is currently employed as a Contracts Manager, bidding on government contracts, for an Aircraft & Helicopter Parts supplier. Her poetry has appeared in a variety of places, including Epiphany, Poetic License and The Black Creek Review.

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